FOF #1703 – How to Be an Awesome Guest on Any Talk Show

Nov 28, 2012 · 1985 views

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Many people dream of having their lives instantly transformed by the power of being a guest on a fabulous talk show. How do you do it?

Today we’re pulling back the curtain on talk shows and podcasts to share with you the secrets on how to get a talk show by developing the perfect talking points.


  1. I’ve been both looking forward to this episode and afraid at the same time to figure out if I’ve been a good guest or not. Few mistakes, but I think I passed the test. =v)

    Excellent episode, boys.

    • Thanks Ryan– we made this episode specifically for people like you. Our fabulous listeners who have great stories to share, but for some reason are hiding in the shadows. Come out! Come out when you’re ready. 🙂

  2. Awesome show! I’m an active practitioner in Brazilian jiu jitsu and other forms of combat arts. A goal of mine in life is to open a school in an LGBT area and teach and empower kids to defend themselves. I think bullying has become such a problem in our community and martial arts is such a great way to teach kids respect, discipline, and self confidence. It’s not about walking around and wanting to beat up the bullies, but it’s about having the comfort to be able protect yourself if need be. The one thing about bulies, is that they pick on those who they perceive as weak and I’ve seen people’s confidence change as they learn and progress in martial arts. I think self defense in general in the LGBT community is important, cause you never do know who’s gonna open that door when you meet up with that trick from GRINDR. If I was a guest on your show, that’s what I would want to talk about. Best, and love you guys! PS Sweeney is really growing on me!

  3. Enrique says:

    Nope, NYC, I go by Enrique btw, just changed it on my profile, love the site, very user friendly and you can personalize it too, very cool

  4. That was awesome. Brian Sweeney is the best ever! Hope to run into you guys in Chicago someday.

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