FOF #1714 – Let’s Have a Kiki Michelle Visage

Dec 17, 2012 · 1985 views

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The Drag Stars at Sea Cruise sailed out in choppy waters after the cruise line issued a controversial letter requesting passengers to not dress up in drag. After a very heated public outcry, Carnival apologized saying anyone could be as fierce as they wanted on the high seas.

Today Michelle Visage from RuPaul’s Drag Race dishes the dirt from the cruise which brought together 1300 fans and most of the queens from the show.


  1. It seems to be implied that Misty Eyez was some sad queen with with visions of grandeur, talking to people on the cruise. Just to clear that up, she has been auditioning, featured in the casting special, and has a really decent Youtube following. So she may not be FAMOUS but she does have some fans.

    I am praying that elimination lunch comes back for season 5. I don’t wake up early enough to participate but I love watching it Tuesday afternoons.

    • Misty Eyez says:

      thank you ARSENICONTHEROCKS!!!!!!!

      The truth is I was asked by Group Leader to help advertise to my youtube fans etc. And as a Group Leader we had obligations one of wich was a Dinner / LUNCH with our group but it was so Chaotic and Sharon had so many in her group there is NO WAY to eat with them and she had to walk around – so YEAH they had us all walk around and there were only two NON LOGO drag queen Group Hosts and yes I was one of them – and Im sad that wasnt explained – but I would never not do something for the impression it gave others. NO IM NOT SOMEONE WITH VISIONS OF GRANDEUR!!! I was doing something I was asked to do (and I had more people in my group than MANY of the RDR Girls….) Im Sad it wasnt explained – HOWEVER – Michelle does know my name now and that Can not be a bad thing??



  3. Adam Stephens says:

    Misty Eyes is amazing and a wonderful person!

  4. Jason McAllister says:

    This is the performance/song that Stacy Layne Matthews sang moments after her CD stopped working because apparently one of the other queens sabotaged here CD 🙂

  5. I’m still waiting for some drag queen to remake Herbie Hancock’s Rock It.

  6. Duchess England says:

    It was a fantastic trip….couple of comments bits of extra feedback

    – no-one died but at least one person ended up in Intensive Care with influenza….and loads of people ended up with sore throats from all the cigarette smoke in the bars…and at least one person threw up in and passed out in the drag queen lounge!

    – Misty was our group leader….so she was asked to be at the drag lunch as one of the group leaders!!! We’d paid to be in her group and to have lunch with her in drag, so she was there because Al an Chuck asked her too be and she was fierce!!!!.

    – European one would be great!!!!!

  7. I love Michelle! She can do no wrong in my eyes! And I wish I could have went on the cruise.

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