FOF #1729 – All Eyes Are on Honduras

Jan 27, 2013 · 1985 views

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Since a government coup in 2009, some 87 LGBT Hondurans, including many of their top leaders, have been the victim of a systematic campaign of targeted hate crimes and political assassinations.

Today we’re joined by one of Honduras’ LGBT rights leaders, Jose “Pepe” Palacios, who is currently traveling the US speaking about the struggle for equality in Honduras.


  1. Thanks for an incredible show! Pepe’s courage and wisdom is inspiring!

  2. A great podcast. Andy Thayer is one of my favorite guests and I really enjoyed learning about Honduras and US hypocrisy. Andy, do you really think writing letters works?

    • I think Andy would say yes.

    • Andy Thayer says:

      I think that PRIVATE letters to politicians typically do little. I recall congresspeople of all political stripes saying that they received a record amount of mail opposing the then-impending invasion of Iraq in early 2003, and we know how that turned out.

      On the other hand, publicly embarrassing them through open letters, blog posts, etc. is much more effective. Look at the quick turn-around that Obama did on gay marriage the day after the NC referendum against us prompted vigorous and public calls to boycott the Democratic National Convention in that state. As a state legislator, he came out in support of equal marriage rights. A week and a half before he won his US Senate seat, he said that his “Christian beliefs” dictated opposing equal marriage rights.

      Most politicians are weather vanes, and they know it. Privately and quietly trying to persuade them communicates to them that we’re naive and can be strung along with nice words. Loudly and publicly demanding our rights lets them know that we know the score and require something more than nice words to be mollified.

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