FOF #1754 – Macho Macho Man

Mar 6, 2013 · 1985 views

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Most gay men who’ve ever gone on a dating site or hook-up ap are sooner or later asked by someone “are you masculine?” For some guys it’s a befuddling question because their not quite sure how to answer it.

Today, we’re talking about masculinity and why it seems to matter a lot to people looking for love or sex. And could your quest for the masculine ideal be blocking you from finding true happiness?


  1. fun show! I guess i can only speak of masculinity from the view of how I see women regard it, which is usually portrayed in a very negative manner, especially by radical feminists as Fausto mentioned. You guys briefly mentioned how young men are taught that they should be masculine and that doing things that are feminine or like a girl is bad, but I see rad fems REALLY push that. For instance, When they bring up the social standards put upon men they will always tie it to misogyny, and blame the patriarchy yadda yadda yadda, which I don’t necessarily agree with. I think you can talk about the issues of societal pressures put on men and if they portray themselves as masculine or feminine without bringing up the hatred of women and the evils of the patriarchy etc.

  2. Awe Randy Savage… Now I want a slim jim. RIP. Anyway great show guys! I can’t really state an opinion, that whole masculine thing went out the window when I bought my first pair of pumps. Fausto, I totally understand your story about saving yourself some time. I love the definiteness of my answers now. No BS. When asked if I’m masculine you just say I’m a drag queen and the undesirables seem to find here way to the door. You become immune to the usual douche baggery.

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