FOF #1761 – The Rich Cultural Legacy of Madonna

Mar 14, 2013 · 1985 views

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Madonna is a gift that keeps on giving. You could talk about her endlessly and it never gets old. From her awkward sex book photos, to her passion for Kabbalah, to her hatred of hydrangeas, examining Madonna’s many quirks has practically become a full time job for comedian Nadya Ginsburg.

Listen today as we chat with Nadya Ginsburg about her new web series Madonnalouges, where she hilariously examines everything about Madonna as Madonna.


  1. The site takes about 20 seconds to load the audio file, so please be patient, it will load! For faster downloads, try out the iTunes music store link:

  2. paco says:

    you should interview the english comedian Charlie Hides

  3. I made the modest pledge to the project that I am able! I really hope Nadya can make this happen! I don’t understand how Logo can throw money at so much crap programing not involving drag queens when there is clearly an audience for people like Nadya and Devin. I would love for them to each have a 30 minute show airing back to back. I know Logo has no money, but they could manage $7000 I am sure!

    @Paco I feel Charlie had some good videos when he started, but now he is trying hard to be current and on top of whatever celebrity was in the blogs yesterday. He throws out too many videos too fast that aren’t given enough effort and fine tuning. I don’t find him funny anymore- plus Nadya’s Madonna kills!

  4. Joeywood says:

    The Only Review That Matters.

  5. Fausto: “The point of copyright is not necessarily to protect the creative person as to ensure that new creative works get made[.]”

    This is exactly right! Blindness to this fact is why recent developments in copyright law – especially with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Sonny Bono’s Copyright Term Extension Act, both from 1998 – are so troubling. Those who see copyright and patent law as nothing more than proprietary safeguards put the cart before they horse. They fail to recognize what you recognize – namely, that the proprietary safeguards are the means, not the end. The end, as you point out, is to promote the creative arts in the first place.

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