FOF #1772 – How to Calm Down an Angry Lesbian

Apr 9, 2013 · 67734 views

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Everybody gets angry sometimes- and then there’s lesbians, who are angry all the time! Women! Am I right, fellas?

Seriously, anger is important for everyone. When we can channel our rage effectively, it can become a driving force that can not only change ourselves, but the world.

Today, the outrageously funny Sapna Kumar and Brian Sweeney join us to take a look at the cliche of the “angry lesbian.”


  1. great show as always! loved having both Brian and Sapna to discuss these issues. I think the topic of anger and not channeling it properly could be easily applied to modern feminism of today, well, to be more fair let’s refer to it as radical feminism, or rather online feminism, this super toxic environment that breeds this irrational anger. I would say it’s the worst on websites like tumblr and Jezebel..and I guess reddit, but especially tumblr. The feminists on tumblr are their own breed of crazy, and if you wanna see what a real-life tumblr feminist looks like, just watch this video. This woman HAS tumblr and there are a thousand more radical feminists like her on that site, and if you can bear to watch that video, you’ll see that there is no rationalizing with these types of feminists, you disagree with them and they take it as a personal attack, all they know what to do is be angry, and stay angry.

  2. Angela says:

    Oooh gurls, this is a whole can of worms, the radical-feminist hatred of trans* women. Pretendbians is one of the worst sites for it; here’s a whole list someone I know compiled of the worst transphobes out there:

    As for using anger at society productively, I love songs like those by Echobelly, a Britpop band from the 90’s with an Indian-born female lead singer who just kicks ass all over the place: 🙂

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