FOF #1782 – Men at Work

Apr 24, 2013 · 1985 views

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Some jobs men do are inherently sexy. No matter what the guy looks like, some folks get their panties all wet when they discover he’s a fireman or a doctor. For others, what turns them on the most in a man is that he has a jobb at all. Am I right ladies?

Today, the very funny Meredith Kachel joins us to take a look at which guys have the sexiest jobs, turning a profession into a pick-up line, and do we find these jobs really sexy, or is it just because hot guys play them on TV?


  1. Avatar Bryce says:

    Hey Marc and Fausto, honestly I love both Alaska and Jinxx … but do you really think America is going to sway RuPaul or the competition as a whole? Think about it, the biggest benefactor of RuPaul’s Drag Race is Absolut Vodka. RuPaul will crowd whoever Jeffrey Moran tells her to crown. It was the same way on America’s Next Top Model with the whole Cover Girl contract. Cover Girl ultimately would pick the winner no matter what Tyra Banks or Nigel Barker said. It’s also the same thing with American Idol. That’s why Adam Lambert lost.

    I think Jinxx and Alaska will make great winners. If Alaska wins, Jinxx will be Miss Congeniality and vice-versa. I think the thing we can all agree with is that Roxxy Andrews will NOT win. But in regards to the conversation, I think we’d all be foolish to think that our actual opinion on who should win will really matter. Sharon was going to win regardless last year.

    • You’re right that the decision really isn’t all RuPauls to make- she even talks about “WE” in her interview with Joan Rivers.

      Our opinion matters because the people making the decision do take public opinion into consideration. So root for the girl you want to win!

  2. Avatar Than says:

    No mention of personal trainers? It’s their job to be fit.

    One of our appliance installers was a fit latino guy. No other workers in our home have ever been hot.

    I always tip better when I know they’re Family, bartenders, waiters, valets, bell boys, towncar drivers, and so on.

    Pizza boys? No mention of pizza delivery guys.

    Yes. UPS guys. Yes.

    What was Reese Witherspoon doing driving herself? What is with all these rich, tragic celebrities getting DUIs? Get a fucking car service or a driver.

  3. I think that the aggression of lawyers was underrated, a bossy man can be pretty sexy.

    Seriously though, Meredith’s reading of the sorority girl’s hateful e-mail was amazing. This podcast just gets better and better.

    Furthermore, I love Fausto’s Mae West. Awesome podcast today!

  4. Avatar Jason says:

    Meredith – after your reading of the sorority girl email I went searching for more readings. Except for the Funny or Die version they were terrible (and edited – boo!) Yours was the BEST! I mean I love to swear but you are a virtuoso in the medium. You should be very proud. I’m still laughing about it. The people I passed walking to work this morning thought I was a freak I was laughing so hard. Amazing job!!

    Fan forever.

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