FOF #1791 – Alaska Faces the Future

May 7, 2013 · 1985 views

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Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 may not have won the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar, but there is no sashaying away from the fame and fan base that she’s worked so hard to build.

Listen as we chill out with Alaska the day after the coronation and find out what’s next in store for this queen who kicks some serious ice.


  1. james says:

    Explosion of anger? LMFAO bitch please.

  2. Jon Mikhail says:

    How old are you Alaska? Clomp, clomp.
    Fab interview!

  3. Blondie says:

    wow the rudeness and disrespect for your former guest is horrible. Sure, support Alaska loads more and say as much but do you really need to be so childish and divisive?

    • Rude? What exactly did I say that was rude or not true? She’s a great talent, she will go far. Jinkx has an amazing set of pipes, has been the toast of Seattle for a while and will shine brightly in the future.

      I –wanted– Alaska to win because of her speech. Because of that edit, I thought the producers were going to pick her the winner. I thought her speech was the strongest of the three. Also, I liked that Alaska represented a warrior queen instead of a survivor queen. I’m burnt out from all this victim-culture and I know Jinkx is much bigger than being reduced into a victim of bullying.

      • Blondie says:

        I adore Alaska and totally respect/understand your passionate support of her, but in the podcast even she was also seemingly asking you guys to rein it in a little bit (like talking about Jinkx having an accident and the crown going to Alaska) – and in the podcast you didn’t say that she would ‘shine brightly in the future’, you said that in ten years Alaska would’ve blossomed but ‘Jinkx would be Jinkx’. Why did you need to say that you wanted to see her fans crying, and didn’t even want to say her name at points (when talking about the chocolate sauce which you guys named after her on your own show)? I know it’s all just joking around and personal opinion and so shouldn’t be taken too seriously but there were moments when I thought the content headed away from support of Alaska and towards attacks on Jinkx, her win and her fans and that’s what I found to be rude, not least because Jinkx was so recently your guest. Of course Jinkx is fully able to defend herself, but from my own point of view it made for uncomfortable listening.

        P.S. in contrast, I loved the baked Alaska video – watching two of the very best queens hanging out/working together was amazing and funny and beautiful, and made me desperate for more fantastic collaborations in this bunch of very talented people. Bring on the love not the division.

  4. cassiofm says:

    Loved the interview, loved the listener’s comment about going make a crown from the garbage, tragedy/treasure, funny

  5. Chickengirl says:

    I may not watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race, but the way you guys threw Jinxx under the bus and kissed Alaska’s ass was a bit ridiculous. I know you guys are good friends with Akaska, but you guys are much sorer losers about Alaska not winning than than Alaska herself is. Jus sayin’

    • Bryce says:

      Chickengirl, I felt kind of the same way about the last podcast. Feast of Fun has gone out of their way to undermine Jinxx’s victory. I felt like the previous episode was more about reasons why she should not have won and why Alaska should have won. It was annoying but I expected it. As I said before Marc and Fausto are cookoo for Alaska and Sharon puffs. They’ve met the two queens and they’ve formed a bond (think Beyonce and Jay-Z and Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow)- so it sorta makes since that they’ve aligned themselves with the drag power couple and are a bit miffed that Alaska didn’t win. I totally understand. However, I feel the reasons they are giving for why Jinxx should not have won are really just sour grapes. Instead maybe we should focus on the truly awesome things that have and will come from Jinxx being the Next Drag Superstar.

      Jinxx represents individuals such as myself. I grew up black and gay but I never felt like I truly was a part of those respective communities. I wasn’t a thug or rapper or athlete like BET portrayed. I wasn’t sassy and bitchy and over-the-top like society thinks a gay man should be. I’m just a regular guy who happens to be gay and who happens to be black and I am truly proud of both of those but I refuse to be what society thinks or says I should be. This is what I like most about Jinxx. Roxxxy and Alaska are two fierce divas who ooze charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent from head to toe and who can throw shade like the pros they are. However, that is what we’ve to come to expect out of a drag queen. Tyra Sanchez. Raja. Sharon Needles. There’s no shortage of fierce and sassy broads. Jinxx is different. She’s talented, yes, but she’s also a big dork. She’s not the most elegant or polished. Yes she’s been through some things – and yes, some might say she’s a victim – but she seems genuinely happy. Is she the fiercest queen? No. Is she the fishiest queen? Definitely not. But the point is … she is a queen … and she’s the reigning queen so eat your crow and deal with it people. I would have been just as happy if Alaska won. But guess what. She didn’t. American spoke. RuPaul spoke. Jinxx is the Next Drag Superstar and for once I can truly relate to someone on that show. And she also has the biggest chance of any of them to break outside the walls of Logo and go mainstream … like RuPaul.

      P.S., please bring Brian back. We need a change from all the extravaganza of it all. I think I am all queened out. I think Feast of Fun shines the brightest when the trifectra of Fausto, Marc and Brian are present.

  6. Jason says:

    Claws in guys. Wow. I think you were making jokes about wanting to hear Jinxx fans cry and complaining about how Jinxx the “victim” won, but that was a rough podcast to listen to. There was a real disconnect between your professing to LOVE Jinxx and what you were saying during the podcast. Not a very classy outing by the two of you this time, in my opinion. Maybe you were just throwing some shade but it sounded sincere to me.

    Still love the podcast, but you guys need to be extra nice to Jinxx the next time she’s on.

    P.S. Can anyone explain why I get a boner every time Marc speaks?

  7. K says:

    I don’t think they need to sugarcoat their disappointment even though they love Jinkx. I’m sure Jinkx doesn’t really care all that much about it honestly…

  8. Moonson says:

    Alright it’s only fair that they were rooting for Alaska and they were disappointed by the result. I love her too, and I couldn’t chose between the two. I do think Jinkx is fierce, and I think she actually performed better during the show. But it’s their own podcast and they’re entitled to speak their minds.

    PS. I also get a boner when Marc speaks.

    PPS. I can’t figure out the reference with “figure it out Tina!”… little help?

  9. Nikki Moreno says:

    I LOVE ALASKA! I hope her and Sharon do end up having a reality show! How great would that be, a peak into their spooky world sounds amazing. I do love Jinkx and not really upset she won because she was a fierce competitor, but Alaska has that certain something that I think Jinkx lacks. I won’t be as driven to follow Jinkx as I would Alaska if she had won. And I just have to mention my opinion, no queen from Drag Race was ever as captivating as Sharon Needles. I will follow Sharon’s career and support her as much as I can even if she’s not the reigning queen. Sharon and Alaska are the true queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race!

  10. Curtis says:

    For some reason this whole Drag Race series of shows didn’t download (I’ve been having itunes issues) The “Jinx fans are online bullies” line is odd, I haven’t seen anything I would remotely describe as anything other than fan service (of course I don’t go on Roxxxy’s page , maybe that’s where it’s happening, but the twitter stuff isn’t really “mean” or one sided, maybe it’s just that Roxxxy didn’t have as many fans so it feels like a pile on.

  11. Curtis says:

    I (like many of the commentors here) am a little bothered by how you are really tearing down Jinkx. I don’t see this as Alaska losing to Jinkx, I really felt like Alaska won in many ways that matter to her future career by always being a class act on the show, never being mean to anyone, never going along with Roxxxy’s demeaning rudeness to other contestants and always being authentically Alaska mother fucking Thunderfuck! Jinkx winning isn’t something she did to Alaska which is kind of how your commentary is coming off.

    I also think you are really misreading Jinkx’s “water off a duck’s back” mantra and the alleged positioning of her as a victim. I get what you’re saying, it would be great if everyone was coming from a position of power always, but everyone hasn’t had the kind of support in their life and life experiences that allow them the space to be powerful. I’m not going to criticize someone who has been an outsider and who has had a life full of hard challenges that I haven’t had to live with for not being large and in charge at every moment. I think Jinkx was telling us about how drag itself was her strength and allowed her to survive being an outsider and gave her a pathway to survive whatever it was that she went through.

    We all love Alaska, and understand you have a special personal relationship with her that you just don’t have with Jinkx (and if I was Jinkx, after hearing what you said, you may never have it with her without a serious apology). But this result was not about Alaska losing, it was about someone with enormous talent and charisma winning. This is something to be celebrated. This isn’t like Tyra Sanchez winning – where nobody but RuPaul cared for or liked her, this is about someone that is as well liked as Pandora Box (nobody is at Sharon’s level) and who really has the kind of talent that I really believe could land her on Broadway.

  12. Curtis says:

    By the way I love that in our little microcosm RuPaul’s Drag Race is the most important thing in the world!

  13. sarab561 says:

    OMG there NEEDS to be a sharon needles and alaska thunderfuck reality show! I would watch that shit in an instant! Also, all the teamalaska versus teamjinkx stuff is so tragic cause they’re both fabulous (just in different ways), there is room for them both in my heart, but there was just one crown 🙁 oh well, jinkx will use her money to do amazing things and alaska will use sharons money to do mighty fierce things

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