FOF #1805 – The Purrrfect Legacy of Eartha Kitt

Jun 5, 2013 · 1985 views

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The late great Eartha Kitt is probably best remembered for her role as the iconic Catwoman on TV’s Batman as well as for her provocative songs. Eartha took her show all over the world, and along for the ride, was her daughter Kitt, who Eartha took everywhere.

Joining us today is Kitt Shapiro, who is now dedicating her life to preserving her mother’s legacy with the lifestyle brand Simply Eartha.


  1. Whenever you guys get to adire someone close to an idol, the content is always elevated.

    One of the top 10 FoF episodes of all time. Done. =v)

  2. I honestly didn’t know Eartha Kitt before listening to FOF. Fausto and Marc have introduced me to so much great underground pop culture over my years listening!

    Now, can Fausto differentiate his Eartha Kitt and Captain Janeway voices?

  3. Alan says:

    Yeah, same here. FoF introduced me to Eartha Kitt (and lots of other wonderful people). And now, I sing “I Want to be Evil” every time I feel like I’m about to get bored, it never fails to entertain me ;).

    Oh my goodness, this episode felt like it was only 10 minutes long! Kitt Shapiro was just a joy to listen to! She is so much fun, and her stories were all wonderful. Great work guys! You could totally hear the tender fan-boy-love in Fausto’s voice; he handled the whole interview as if it were some sort of delicate, and breakable treasure.

  4. colaboy29 says:

    Wow! Eartha Kitt’s daughter, Richard Pryor’s son, and Charles Busch! Some awesome episodes! Wonder who will be next.

  5. As a long time listener (and paid subscriber!) of Feast of Fun, I’ve come to learn of Eartha Kitt through your many mentions of her. I don’t know her that well other than through you guys, and I’ve caught myself doing Fausto’s impression of Eartha several times!

    Anyway, I’m in the middle of the Eartha Kitt episode and I couldn’t wait to tell you that I’m enjoying the shit out of it. It’s so nice to interview someone who gives such clear and enthusiastic answers back to you. And I can hear that you guys are enjoying it as well.

    So I just wanted to put that out there, that there is a lot of joy in this episode and it is episodes like this that make the Feast of Fun subscription so worth it.

  6. Willard says:

    Very Wonderful Mrs. Kitt!!!!

  7. miata says:

    One of the best episodes ever! I just loved the apartheid amusement park story. Hugs

  8. Peter Robertson says:

    PRICELESS interview and many fond memories of days gone by!

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