FOF #1836 – Do Not Mess with Roxy Brooks

Aug 1, 2013 · 1985 views

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Last night members of ACT-Up stormed a promotion for Stoli vodka at a popular gay bar in New York City holding signs that read “Russia Kills Gays.” But drag queen Roxy Brooks who was hosting the event was pissed off that people were trying to interrupt her show, so as she saw security dragging the protesters away, she yelled at them “This is America, Not Russia!”

Today we’re chatting with Roxy Brooks about what happened and why she’s still standing by her man, the Stoli Vodka Company.


  1. Personally, I’m for the ban of stoli because I think it will raise awareness, but I think it’s awesome Roxy tore them down. Ain’t nobody got time for assholes when theys doin a show. Roxy should have “splashed” the protesters with stoli lol.

  2. FredsterNYC says:

    Sorry, but that’s not all she said. and I quote,

    ” I had a fabulous time with Stoli Vodka tonight at Splash… I just wish I was hosting the event at a different venue. Brian the owner is awful and totally unprofessional #reasonswhyyourbarisclosing…,worst hospitality ever. It was a pleasure meeting the owner of Stoli Vodka and the people involved with the NYC branch and other Stoli employees. The boys in the modeling competition were amazing and sexy. Great Job! Ps. The protest was ridiculous tonight … I know Russia and the gays are having issues now but hello! Gays doing an LGBT event at a gay bar in NYC for STOLI VODKA! And the owner of Stoli Vodka was there to support! Protest elsewhere faggots! Omg #faggotsdumberthanmyself”

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