FOF #1861 – Love to Love You Baby

Sep 17, 2013 · 1985 views

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If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?

That’s real nice advice coming from RuPaul, but how do you even start to love yourself?

Most people’s problems don’t stem from a lack of desire to make things better, it comes from not knowing where to begin. On top of that, all of advertising is counting on you feeling lousy about yourself.


  1. Than says:

    Sometimes being in a relationship means staring at each other with nothing to say, because you’ve already said everything you have to say to each other, and that’s okay. It’s okay to just occupy the same space with someone. Partner for life means being there when I need you and when I DON’T. It’s okay. If couples are breaking up because they ran out of projects to do together, there was nothing there to begin with.

  2. jimmyV says:

    Really enjoyed today’s show, and I love FOF, however it seems like you are closing your eyes to that fact that the RU-PAUL’S DRAG RACE BATTLE OF THE SEASONS tour is a Cash Cow for Viacom. Considering LIVE NATION is owned by Viacom parent company Clear Channel and Clear channel owns house of blues, half of all the venues four the tour as well as Ticketmaster. The girls of Rupaul’s Drag Race are now Company Girls for Viacom.

    How can Ru-Paul be fresh and Punk any longer when she has been owned by Viacom for so long?

    Is is a great thing for drag that Viacom is now taking a share of Liquor sales from the independent gay bar owners across this nation? This is Ike and Tina all over again, I’m sure they filled venues like house of blues on an off night.

    If Clear channel/ live Nation is serious about promoting the famous Sharon Needles should have spent the day before her show in Chicago on a Clear Channel Radio station in Chicago how many do they own? They filled venues they own on an off night with Drag Quees they own and gave them press on NOW NOW NEXT the same as they had on the Absolute vodka tour.

    This tour isn’t as big as you maid it out to be. It not Ellens I’m Gay cover for drag. Just Saying.

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