FOF #1875 – Confessions of a Counter Culture Diva

Oct 8, 2013 · 1985 views

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In the 1960s, Dolores Deluce was rejected by her family for giving birth to a biracial child, only to be embraced by a different kind of family including Divine, the Cockettes, assorted Venice Beach bad boys, and her many loving gay “husbands.”

Listen as Dolores talks about her friendships and run-ins with Divine, John Water’s colorful cast of characters and watching friends of hers like disco superstar Sylvester die from AIDS.


  1. How do you find these AWESOME guests? I appreciate Delores’s sensibility (she came off far less arrogant than screaming Rachel, but then again they belonged to two different scenes). I agreed with her comment about drugs. Although people still smoke weed, it is sooo much stronger nowadays since there are all these super-hybrids. I also think coke is ridiculous (it tastes disgusting, is too expensive, and it’s probably manufactured/distributed in the worst, most violent possible way). Meth is more common than I’d like to think and it was only until I moved to LA that I’ve known people who have done it. I am against the “party and play” culture mainly because sex on drugs like that is the opposite of what I desire.

    On another note, I only visit Venice on occasion and I usually see a lot of burn-outs along the beach. I feel like it is less bohemian and filled with more modern day “hipsters” and yuppies that have submitted to the capitalization of bohemian culture (think urban outfitters); you might use the phrase “haute bohème” to describe these wealthy, privileged posers who participate in the dress, music, and behaviors, but lack the ideals of an unconventional lifestyle, social, and political views such as free love and living a frugal life. We have been bred to consume and live a philistine life. Not to sound pretentious or anything…:/

    All in all, another great show!

  2. Michele G. says:

    Amazing interview!!!! Great job!

  3. This has been an all time favorite FOF episode, and have to say it’s a good representation of what you’re about. Good history from the past that has contributed to modern day pop culture, different perspectives on sex and drugs, insider information on famous figures, and just unconventional story telling in general.

    Bravo Boys, Bravo!

  4. three words:

    A MAY ZING!!!

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