FOF #1906 – Walking in a Showgirls Wonderland

Dec 8, 2013 · 1985 views

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Although the movie Showgirls bombed at the box office, the director Paul Verhoven’s over the top portrayal of Las Vegas strippers and showgirls quickly became a cult classic.

Listen as Peaches Christ and Rena Riffel join us to talk about the surreal meta experience of performing a Showgirls parody inside a strip club for their B Movie Tribute night.


  1. Well ‘dancin’ ain’t fuckin’, and I’ve no idea how that’s relevant here – but fuck me, that was one piping-hot dose of brilliance. Rena, Peaches, Marc and Fausto, you never fail to deliver. A brilliant hour of sleaze, tease, flirt, dirt, facts and fun. Could go down as my favourite ‘cast yet.

    Do you think you could do my nails now, darlin’?

  2. Peaches and Rena were spectacular guests. I really enjoyed this show. I’m glad Fausto pressed just a little bit for Peaches and Rena to do a bit from the show. “Pastatute” was one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a long time. It was a moment where LOL was really for real. Thanks for the great content to Peaches, Rena, Fausto and Marc.

  3. Doggie chow, whorey look, vercase. LOL so good to see this crazy movie getting a second life after all these years.

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