FOF #1910 – The Island of Misfit Toys

Dec 13, 2013 · 107349 views

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It’s surprising how well adjusted we’ve all turned out, considering all the crazy, insane toys we were given to play with as kids for Christmas.

Today Meredith Kachel and Brian Sweeney join us to look at twisted toys that we loved playing with as children. Stretch Armstrong, Slime, Gobbles the Goat, Baby Alive, Shocking Roulette, Mr. T’s Water War and Sea Monkeys, where they promised a kingdom of magical aliens and all you got were dirty little brine shrimp.


  1. My funny bone just got tag teamed by the witty Meredith and the hilarious Brian. Listened to it twice because there were so many great comments and conversations going on at once. Thanks for making my Friday great!

  2. jimmyV says:

    Fun show, did you know that Both a Teddy Ruxpin and Ruepaul were born in 1986 and produced by World of Wonder. What I want to know is whose animatronic lip sync is more realistic?

  3. I loved this show. I would love to see Meredith and Brian back regularly. What a funny duo!

  4. StormRoyale says:

    I LOVE Meredith Kachel! Please have her on again soon! 🙂

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