FOF #1962 – Girl Scout Cookies Under Attack

Apr 4, 2014 · 1985 views

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The Girl Scouts of America are facing an attack on their main delicious source of revenue- their cookies! Nutritionally conscious moms are challenging the group, saying the sugary snacks have no place in young girl’s lives.

Today comedian Jen Kober, who as a kid ate over 100 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies in 17 days, joins us to take a look at the controversy surrounding those delicious Samoas, Shortbreads and Thin Mints.


  1. colaboy29 says:

    Happy anniversary, boys!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! It’s mine too. I think Fausto nailed a drag king name without even realizing it. Thanks to his Spanish pronunciation of “i”s. Peepee Longstocking would be awesome as a drag king name. Kudos. You had me cracking up at work over that!

  3. Than says:

    Theoretically the Girl Scouts are selling the cookies, not eating them. Any nutritionist worth his salt would tell you that it is all about calories in and out. As long as your diet doesn’t primarily consist of cookies, as long as it is balanced, ins and outs are all that matter. Girl Scouts and Krispy Kreme are not responsible for the obesity epidemic. People make bad decisions.

    Mike and I just celebrated 10 years a few months back. I’m wondering what it’s like on the far side of fifteen. 🙂 I miss the blue hair. What’s the update on the wedding plans? Happy anniversary, sexy men.

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