FOF #1967 – TV Shows Time Forgot

Apr 11, 2014 · 1985 views

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Hollywood loves a good reboot because it’s easy to make money on shows from the past that have an already existing fan base. Sadly too many of these projects flop, ruining the original with the stench of their failure.

Today blogger Robyn Pennacchia joins us to take a look at fabulous TV shows time forgot, when sitcoms and sci-fi were filled with good writing and fabulous theme songs.


  1. Avatar Lauren says:

    It’s Dahmer, not “Dahlmer.”
    A forensics major/stickler for spelling and grammar

  2. Avatar YCantIBU says:

    OMG! The Bugaloos! I have the entire series on DVD! I also have their CD, a fridge magnet, and I am on the lookout for a good quality Bugaloos lunchbox from Ebay as well. I thought I was so alone in my memory of this great show. Of course, it’s Krofft, they were just Saturday morning geniuses.

  3. Avatar Than says:

    Listening to the Out of this World theme song brought such unexpected joy. How had you boys not seen it?

    No mention of The Facts of Life, Good Times, Family Ties, Mr. Belvedere, Different Strokes, Hogan Family, Small Wonder, ALF, Family Matters, or Picket Fences? This show should have been titled TV Shows Time Should’ve Forgot But Some Assholes Remembered And Posted Them On YouTube.

    LOST had a profoundly iconic short intro without a real theme song more of a tone, and it perfectly illustrated what the show was about.

  4. Avatar TheOneDoc says:

    Hmm I have the complete DVD Box Sets of Clepatra 2525 and Jack of All Trades.
    Kinda wonder why you guys aren’t talking about “The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.”

  5. Avatar Federico says:

    I love Space 1999! Some episodes were really cheesy like the one where a killing foam invaded the moon base 😀

    I also remember them pressing hundreds of buttons on the computer just to get a receipt with the answer to some really complex calculations.

  6. Avatar rdowney says:

    I couldn’t wait to get home to comment…
    First off…The Littlest Hobo! I thought, how could they possibly have watched that show. I watched it as a little kid in the early 60s! I always got so depressed because each week I thought for sure in this episode he’d find a home. The way you guys talked about it I thought that it must be the same one, but looked it up and saw there was an earlier one in ’64 that ran for a couple of years. (HaHa – you needed someone with another decade under his belt to hit the 60s shows: My Favorite Martian, My Mother the Car, It’s About Time (astronauts who travel back to cavemen times and bring them back).

    Then you mentioned Voyager and Joh Erik-Hexum- but I remembered him more from a show around the same time called Cover Up – and though I’d watch both just to see how much skin he’d show, I remember falling in love with the guy who took his place in Cover Up – Antony Hamilton. I kept watching for shows he’d be in but alas in ’95 he died of AIDS related pneumonia. 🙁 He was dreamy! (He played Samson in a TV movie, and just guess how much skin that one had!)

    Personally, I love old TV shows. I found a site that lists the TV show line ups for each year from 1950s to early ’70s. Then I’ll find a pick a night – like Friday or Saturday – rent the DVDs from Netflix and recreate the evening by watching them in the order they were broadcasted. (I know; you’re rolling your eyes.)

    I have never heard of the Cleopatra 2525 – I’ll give it a try; it sounds like campy fun.

    As for Drag Race. The whole Dorian Lake/Ben thing is weird. However, I do remember when it started. I believe it was in the third or fourth episode. After Ben won a main challenge, he came into the workroom on the next episode and he made this very quick comment about winning (and I remember thinking – ah, Ben, that was kind of catty, but it wasn’t big), and they immediately cut to Dorian Lake and she HATED it…and it hasn’t stopped since. I hope Ben does well; I root for him since he’s a hometown queen, but I really think Bianca is the one to beat.

    She is such a presence – always knows just what to say in any situation. I love her one-liners, and she was fantastic with Trinity when they worked together.

    Thanks again for a fun show.

  7. Avatar Aaron says:

    You say you’re sad about the death of theme songs? Well, be the change you want to see in the world! Where is the Feast of Fun theme song? You should take that 6-note sting you play at the start of every episode and expand it into a half-minute song describing the show. 😉

    I think it’d go a little something like this…

    It’s a feast,
    A feast of fun.
    We’re gonna talk to someone.
    Maybe they’ll be in drag,
    Maybe they’ll be a lesbian dad.
    From our FEMA trailer out here in the snow
    The most fabulous talk show in Chicago
    Get ready to chow down
    On this feast of fun!
    (slide whistle ascending)

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