FOF #1968 – Signs You’re a Basic Gay Bitch

Apr 14, 2014 · 1985 views

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These days, about the biggest way you can insult someone is by calling them boring. Normal. Basic Bitches, a hip-hop slang is getting big on the internet: #basicbitches. A basic bitch is someone who thinks they are brilliant innovators, when in reality are just following the herd.

Joining us is one of the most basic gay bitches we know, Tommy Holl to take a look at why we worry about the reasons why we like things. Are you a basic gay bitch?


  1. Avatar colaboy29 says:

    Hey guys. Apple seeds are not good for dogs. Apple seeds contain cyanide so can be dangerous. We feed our dogs apples but use one of those slicers that cores it so no seeds.

  2. Avatar Artemisia says:

    Oh my goddess I haven’t heard the term “Basic” or “Basic Bitch” before but it sounds funny.
    I just thought they where hipsters or since I’m part of the goth crowed we call them “mundanes.”

    OK I though of a little test to tell if you are not basic.

    If a friend asks whats your favorite bands and you name off some bands and they go who? Your not a basic bitch.

    If someone says oh my god I love that (pice of clothes), where did you get it? And you say I made it, your not a basic bitch.

    If you think all the music on the radio sounds the same and your annoyed… Don’t worry your not a basic bitch.

    If you love listening to Feast of Fun, your definitely not a basic bitch cus your show is always unique ‘ )

    PS it’s good to know I’m not a basic bitch ether lol

    Growing a vagina in a lab… Yay, Ill tots be in line for that. Just mmm not prob not the Beta testing version. Ill wait for VJJ2.4 comes out.

    A Stone Wall movie!! Fucken finally. I know there was one old version but really things like this need to be reminders to wake people up. I feel like a rarity allot because most LGBT in my age group do not know almost any gay history. I envy their ignorant bliss that they may have never had to deal with bigotry that it’s never been something the have had to know. In a way thats something to hope for. How nice it would be to live on a world where hate and bigotry are just history.
    The only reason I know any history of it is because my liberties have been stepped on enough that I feel like I have to know my rights and the laws like a lawyer. I study history of civil rites, women’s rites and gay rites to look at how to change things now. Too often today I feel like we use social networking to tell our stories but we don’t get out to in the public eye. Maybe I’m just a bit old school but I say if we are angry that protection laws get shot down, or legalizing marriage gets shot down, I say lets go old school like Harvey Milk with a megaphone an army of proud people and scare the haters.

  3. Avatar Aaron says:

    Everyone’s saying this term started out in hip-hop, but hip-hop stole it from us computer programmers! I’ve been rolling my eyes at BASIC bitches ever since I moved up to C++. 😉

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