FOF #1969 – The Awesome Habits of Happy People

Apr 15, 2014 · 1985 views

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Ru-oh, Logo just Ru-pologized for the use of “She-Male” launching another firestorm. Today cranky Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at the toxic habits of miserable people, and why nagging only makes you feel better at the moment but isn’t an effective tool for bringing about lasting change.

Is it possible to both celebrate the outrageous nature of drag queens and also choose to avoid certain words that can be hurtful?


  1. Artemisia says:

    Hey guys just wanted to say I <3 Brian lol
    If it's one thing I love about stand up comedians is most don't have that censor thing that other people do that says, don't say this or that.
    Fausto and Mark, you guys report things in a nice but funny manor that stays kind of neutral with a bit of sarcasm, but Brian lol he's just gerrr look out, down boy lol.
    Brian dropped on Ru Paul with such anger to make his point which really wasn't specially for trans people but just that he's not sorry for saying the SM word that I was like wowww. Still though lol even though I have a girl friend, I'd show him a good time for that little rant ' )
    Maybe my gf too XD

    On changing past episodes of Ru Paul. You know even though this may sound counter productive, but is changing history a good idea?
    Changing history reminds me of how leaders of the Soviet Union would disappear from history books and pictures. Or if we want to go back farther around 400BC one of the worst things leaders would do is erase someone name from history. Bringing it back to this to present time, in school there is sooo much history left out of history books that it makes me worry.

    Anyway peace and love, tootles ' )

  2. Marcos says:

    Awful guest!

  3. Oh Brian Brian Brian…

    Normally I enjoy all the shows Brian is on, but this episode was painful to get through. I almost shut this one off. When Brian becomes Mr. White Savior/ social justice warrior and goes into a fit he stops being funny. Even when he’s only being half serious. If I wanted to listen to someone spout off about social issues acting like they can speak on the behalf of everyone, I’d go on tumblr.

    But what can you do, this whole “controversy” over RPDR just reminds me of what a circus the current social activism movement (among the lgbt/feminism/etc) community has become. It’s a absolute joke. The show with Calpurnia really hit it on the head. Y’all are being too optimistic about being able to move on from this mess. All that will happen is cause more divisiveness within the lgbt community, as if it wasn’t divided enough already. The in-fighting within the community(the trans community in particular) will rage on and progress/change will be slow and painful because this community is too busy tearing at each other’s throats like children while the real bad guys(politicians and lawmakers) fight against their equal rights

  4. Karen says:

    Even though I agree with a fair amount of Brian’s opinions it went too far for me when he slid into the “I’ll punch that bald headed freak” stuff about RuPaul. Was it a joke? Maybe, but so was “you’ve got shemail”.

  5. I said “knock his teeth out”, then changed it to “slap his glasses off”. I honestly don’t remember saying any of it, or 90% of this shit I say.

    My main point is that Peaches Christ should be the host of Drag Race, and everybody knows that.

  6. Than says:

    Do you trolls get that this is a comedy podcast called Feast of Fun? Brian was Colberting all over this podcast. Even if you thought Brian was being genuine in his criticism of Ru Paul, even if you thought he gave a wit about Ru Paul, his point would still be valid; Ru Paul is an unprincipled sell-out, and no rich celebrity entertainer needs you to defend him from a poor comedian.

    They were all Russians in Animal Farm. The pigs were the oligarchs. The dogs were the KGB, and so on. They were all allegories for different aspects of the Soviet society. It was exquisite. Read it whether or not you agree with the anti-communist politics of it.

    • Colbert is charming and witty, that is part of what makes him entertaining. Brian was LITERALLY SCRAMING INTO THE MICROPHONE and being completely obnoxious. It didn’t matter if he was just fooling around. I guess you find that entertaining? Someone screaming into your ears???? ok.

      Normally his rants are tolerable, but this was just too much. Ru may have done some disagreeable things, but Brian SCREAMING profanities at him was again, obnoxious and unfunny, there was so substance, charm or wit to his rant, so I don’t see how you can compare him to Colbert. That was not comedy, if you think this is comedy well, ok then.

      • *there was NO substance. wow that was full of typos.

        tl;dr. Brian was a unfunny asshat in this podcast simple as that. Doesn’t mean I won’t listen to future shows with him, but lord almighty his White Savior/Social Justice Warrior alter ego, even when he’s just joking around the whole time, is just not entertaining to me, sorry.

  7. colaboy29 says:

    I thought this was going to be a short podcast because I thought Brian’s head was going to explode 15 minutes in getting brain and skull fragments all over your new audio device…

  8. Albert says:

    Can you invite more entertaining guests? This guy is a pain to listen to. Not funny!

  9. bluecats2 says:

    New member here, toying with a plus membership loving your work guys! Just thought I’d add my pennies worth. I really hated this show Brian’s satire really missed the mark for me, painful to listen to literally (screaming) and figuratively.

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