FOF #1999 – Party Like It’s 1999

Jun 11, 2014 · 178894 views

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It’s been a couple of years since someone like evangelist Harold Camping got people anxious about the end of the world, but if you look closely, many religions have some sort of doomsday. What is it about these doomsday prophecies that appeal to people so much? And why are so many of them concerned with the odometer turning a certain number?

Today, Tommy Holl joins us to take a look at some of our favorite doomsday scenarios that thankfully never came true.


  1. Bryce says:

    Yea! Tommy Holl!!! I love him! Where’s Brian? Did he finally do himself in? I miss his cranky face.

  2. Than says:

    It’s not elitist to refer to the Middle Ages as the Dark Ages. We call them the dark ages, because so much knowledge was lost when the Roman Empire fell. Also, while Europe went dark, people in the Arabic and Ottoman empires were innovating mathematics & astronomy. In the Renaissance, Europe had to rediscover what the Greeks, Romans, and Arabs had known for over a millennia.

    • Here’s why it’s unfair to call the Middle Ages “Dark”:

      A big reason why science was held back is because the Europeans held Greek scholars like Aristotle in such high regard:

      The notion that most of us picked up at school – that the fall of Rome led to a loss of accumulated knowledge that was reintroduced to Western Europe only after the fall of Constantinople in 1453 – turns out not to be true. On the contrary, one of the main forces retarding scientific advance in the Middle Ages was the undue reverence given to Aristotle. Because of his prestige, scholars clung to many of his false ideas – that nothing moves without a motive force, that nature abhors a vacuum, that heavy objects fall more quickly than light ones – in defiance of their own experience.

  3. Bryce says:

    Um … I love me some Alaska Thunderfuck but let’s be honest, most drag queens come out with these parody/comedy/party songs and they make a video but it really doesn’t go beyond the ears of their gay fans. Adore Delano is probably the only drag queen, since RuPaul, that could potentially have mainstream success. I mean her album charted #1 on iTunes Dance Chart which is pretty awesome IMHO. I mean I’m knocking Alaska but I think Adore has made the better music if we’re going to compare drag queens. That’s my two cents.

  4. Ben Howard says:

    I was ten when 2000 rolled around, so I spent my New Year’s Eve sitting in a small Midwestern church with a bunch of fundamentalist Christians who were positive that The Millennium Bug was going to bring about the downfall of western society. I was kind of an easily anxious kid, so I just remember freaking out and hiding in a back room. Then again, my friend that I had an enormous prepubescent gay crush on sat with me and cuddled me because he was freaking out too, so I guess it was my first (innocent) gay experience at the same time as being slightly traumatic. So, thanks, I guess, to doomsday nutjobs like Pat Robinson for either traumatizing me or for pushing me gently toward a lifetime of delightfully sinful homosexual encounters.

  5. No new episode since this one? Maybe it is the end?

  6. Michael says:

    That’s what I was wondering – episode 2000 is sure to be a hummdinger!!!!!

  7. Michael says:

    Hmmmm what have you been putting in your throat again????
    Hope Marc has been making you lots of grogs (rum/honey/lemon/hot water)

  8. Artemisia says:

    Hey guys I enjoyed the show. The end of the world is one way to get away from everything ‘ )

    I actually think about the end of humanity a lot. I call if an end to humanity because there are only so many things that can end our planet and most none I’d be alive for save for maybe getting hit by a big rock the size of Germany.

    The reason I think about this however is because I cling to a belief that life always finds a way no matter how much muck is in it’s path.
    I’m building a video game at the moment that explores this idea in which government has dissolved, economies have collapsed and whats left of humanity is forced to live togather.

    As we are we have wayy to many things to bitch about and the things we should pay attention to, no one seems to care about. When we get rid of just about everything, the real important thngs become simple to see.

    Anyway in the game you’ll get to play in a this Mad Max future.!

    Personally if I could choose my end I think I’d go with zombies. Theres just not many jobs for a gurl who can operate a Japanese katanna and really I’d like a job as a monster killer ‘ )

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