FOF #2006 – Star Wars, Nothing But Star Wars

Jun 26, 2014 · 1985 views

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Chicago is getting the new Lucas Museum of Narrative Art! But since folks here in the Windy City love to rename things, we’ll be calling it the Star Wars Museum.

Joining us today is super-geek Brian Sweeney, who says he’s getting “too old for this shit” after being on the toilet for twenty minutes.


  1. Guys!!!! I love Brian. Great show. I loved his rant about trans issues. Glad you didn’t let the Gate open again, but i always love to hear opinions, especially Brian’s. Also, I am amped for your cooking show, I have high hopes for it. I think you guys are super entertaining. I love the humor involved. And drag queens…come on. I would love to be watching TV late one night and catch an episode of Cooking with Drag Queens #CDQ on the Food Network. I would like to see a few segments, if not all, dedicated to healthy food. The kind a food that sexy men eat to stay fit and ready to get…well I don’t want to get to graphic here. anyway…you guys are hot enough, but I would love to see some hunks on camera. Maybe a Chicago-based porn star I could stalk on Instagram. He (or they) could (Prep)the food and would be responsible for the mise en place or maybe just licking the spoon. anyway, break a leg guys.

  2. Hi Guys

    I understand your fascination with drag performers but couldn’t you mix it up a little more. Week after week after week lately that seems to be mostly what you are posting. It’s beginning to get a bit repetitious. No offense meant to anyone but variety is the spice of life. Thanks.

  3. Nice to have Brian back on the show, well, he was fun and entertaining to listen to as usual until he started kissing what’s-their-face’s ass (which I fast forwarded through) and started ranting about social issues/the word tranny again *sigh* I know Brian has talked about social issues in the past, and usually I’d agree with him, but I think I am suffering from some fatigue myself. Online Social Justice Fatigue.

    and here’s where I gotta put you guys on blast. I’m doing this from a place of love, I’ve been listening to the show long enough to know what great guys you are…but….

    I originally praised you guys for trying to present both sides of this whole debate over the use of the word tranny, buuuut I’m starting to take that back now. While you guys are trying to present both sides, the social justice bloggers who want the use of the word banned forever, and those who still think it should be used, I am starting to see you guys side with the social justice bloggers which saddens me.

    but before I go any further, I just want to say that every time Fausto brings up people using tranny on Twitter in a hateful way I want to throttle him. It has to be one of the most piss-poor examples for trying to defend the word tranny not being used anymore because this: you can find the worst excuses for human beings on Twitter, and it’s not just the bigots, you can find the worst examples of the lgbt community, feminists, social justice activists, you name it, for whatever reason, Twitter brings out the worse in EVERYONE.

    ALSO, another piss-poor example you guys used on today’s show to defend those who want the word tranny to be banned, is that the words retard and midget pretty much always came from a negative place, the word tranny does not have the same history of negativity as those words have. So was negroe to a certain extent, although African Americans have always used that word to describe one another, the other n-word however, yes, comes from a much more negative place but of course Brian was too much of a chicken-shit to say it. Basically it’s like comparing apples to oranges.

    and finally, Fausto argues that these social justice bloggers just want a discussion to be had, but he’s got it all wrong, there is no discussion to be had. The social justice bloggers want the use of the word tranny banned forever, that’s their final word. I don’t think you guys understand how these social justice blogger operate, their sole purpose is to go on the internet and bitch and whine about trivial shit because they have nothing else better to do with their miserable little lives.

    They contribute NOTHING to the community because they only see things one way, their way, and if you don’t agree with THEIR way, then you are their enemy, you are wrong. It’s as simple as that. You have all these people making valid arguments for why the word tranny should not be banned, but they don’t want to listen to any of it, you’d be better off talking to a fucking rock then trying to have a normal discussion with a social justice activist on the internet, because these discussions never go anywhere. THAT’S IT. there is no deeper meaning to his whole debate.

  4. colaboy29 says:

    Nice to hear Grumpy Cat back on the podcast. 😉

  5. StormRoyale says:

    Hi Guys.

    I just started listening to you a week ago. I began with the most recent and went sequentially backward. Currently at episode 1914. I enjoy the show. I’ve liked all the guests. Then Brian Sweeney was the guest and I turned it off after 15 or 20 minutes. He seemed so crass, angry and every other word was fuck. Up until this point, all of your guests had been awesome! Everyone came across very friendly, upbeat and positive. Since then, I’ve skipped over every episode where he’s been a guest. Until this one. I fucking love Star Wars. Although Star Trek is better. So I had to listen.
    I like Brian now. Yes, he is coarse. But that’s part of his charm. I’ll be revisiting all those skipped episode. I’m going to have to become a subscriber, because I want to hear them all. 🙂

  6. Than says:

    Regarding CCD and honey bees:
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    Chemophobia is irrational.

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