FOF #2013 – Pull My Finger

Jul 14, 2014 · 113626 views

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Farts may be silent, but they are far from deadly. According to a new study, farts may serve a greater function, helping the body prevent heart attacks, strokes, dementia and even cancer. No joke.

Today, we pull what fingers our guest Tommy Holl has left as we take a look at the health benefits of farts, and lots more.


  1. Than says:

    James Lipton doesn’t just interview actors on Inside the Actors Studio. I think it is perfectly fine to invite all kinds of LGBTQIQA personalities on Cooking with Drag Queens. If you are as successful as IAS, you eventually have to include a broader range of talent. But, you fellas should be in drag if your guests are not.

  2. RandyStrokes says:

    I finally find the video you speak of from Curtis Jenson. It took some searching to find out what platform he posted to. I am posting here to save anyone else the headache of combing the internet. As like you, I wished I was there as well!

  3. RandyStrokes says:

    let’s try this again. oops. (fingers crossed)

  4. RandyStrokes says:

    ok… if this doesn’t work… I shut up. Sorry.

  5. DD Thornton says:

    From an interview with Mary Roach on Fresh Air with Terry Gross:

    “The man who’s done the most work on flatus — and I counted 34 papers on flatus — Michael Levitt at the VA Medical Center in Minneapolis, he was testing a number of products that allegedly remedied noxious flatus — that noxious smell. He was testing pads you can put in your underwear. There’s elasticized underwear; there are pills you can take; there is actually a remedy — there’s something called Devrom, which is an internal deodorant. … However, I spoke to one gastroenterologist [and] I asked him about this and he said, ‘You know, when I get someone who comes in and is complaining about noxious flatus, I tell them: Just get a dog.’ In other words, so you can blame the dog.”

  6. DD Thornton says:

    There there’s this infrared view…

  7. agrimi01 says:

    This episode made me smile. I had a really rough week, and this made my day. I do agree that Ian does look similar to Lady Edith. Maybe they’re one in the same:)

    I also love when you have Tommy H on. He is absolutely adorable. I wonder if he’d go out on a date with me the next time I’m in Chicago? Hmmm.

    Love to you all!


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