FOF #2024 – What Big Cities Can Learn From Small Town Pride

Jul 30, 2014 · 1985 views

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Pride parades in big cities are out of control! After decades of being a rallying point for LGBT folks, the parades now attract huge mobs that are more interested in having a good time than building community or equality. Thankfully in small towns across the country this is not the case.

Our guest today is former college football player Eric Lueshen who in the wake of pro football star Michael Sam coming out, decided to come forward with his own story.


  1. colaboy29 says:

    Speaking of UFC. I find it better than porn because there’s no cheesy dialogue. Unfortunately, one night my partner and I went out to eat at this new sports restaurant and UFC was on the biggest screen in the place and my eyes kept wandering over to it and completely ignoring what my partner was talking about. I got yelled at for that. I had to switch places and put my back to the screen. LOL!

  2. Artemisia says:

    Hey guys it was nice to hear from Eric again. I feel bad because I’ve been going to Heart Land Pride every year since 2006 and this was the first year I missed the parade.
    Long story short I was picking up a couple lesbians that are a little crazy and never ready.
    I did get to go to the festival though.

    As for corporate sponsors in pride I’ve thought about this and I’m a little torn on it. Omaha pride has a few corporate sponsors like COX cable because they have their own GSA. However Omaha never really has sponsors the way bigger city has. Our parade last usually about an hour and it’s done…

    However when I wen’t go St Louis Pride it lasted 3 hours long. They had sponsors like Macy’s and what kind of shocked me was the police department and fire department where in the parade. In Omaha we have police around sometime but most you do not feel comfortable around. : /

    I sort of see corporate sponsors a bit like are you hear because you support the gay community or ill see stands at pride who are just there looking to make money off the community?

    Partly I’m sort of like having sponsors around because it says to the straight community that may oppose us, that we are normal like them. Since Omaha is kind of in the Bible belt we have a lot of stores that won’t touch pride or the gay community with a 10 foot pole. So in a way it’s a bit like see haters this could be you could be making money. However this is where what I call the leaches come from. These are stands that and run by people who may not like us but want our money. I don’t like these. It’s pike being around someone who is putting up with you but otherwise wouldn’t give you the time of day. Kind of where I’m torn on the subject.

    One stand I liked was this little hippy guy. He was selling a lot of head shop stuff along with a lot of gay stuff. I liked him thought because out of all the stands at Heartland he also had bi trans and gender queer stuff. Kind of bugs me when the gay community is bigger then just the gay and lesbian but they seem to be the only ones represented. At least in Omaha anyhow.

    I was a little shocked and happy the NAVY showed up at pride. I was bummed when I asked them if a post op trans person could serve. I knew the answer but figured I’d ask anyhow. To my knowledge the Cost Guard is the only branch that will let trans in if you’ve had the operation.

    Sorry I haven’t go to say much in a while. I’ve been at hospital but all went well. I’m catching up with your shows : )
    Peace and Love

  3. agrimi01 says:

    This was a really good show. It was interesting to hear Eric’s take on city Pride events vs. smaller towns.

    I’m from Minneapolis, and every year I hear the same thing within the community when Pride approaches: “Gotta get my hotel room;” “Drink my ass off;” “Sex, sex sex,” etc. And while I appreciate the need for corporate sponsorship to help fund the weekend’s activities, I feel that the celebration in the park has become a big corporate mixer. Some of the floats in the parade come close to soft porn. Maybe it’s just my perception, but I think Twin Cities Pride has gotten away from what we need to celebrate…each other.

    Many of my friends don’t go anymore because of the same sentiment, and we have begun to do celebrations of our own. We also try to have everyone bring a friend that not all of us know…to get to know new people and make new friends.

    Maybe it is time to have our communities rethink what this celebration should really be about, instead of becoming the freak show that the extreme right expect of us. Just my opinion.

    Your thoughts?

    Best! and I have kicked your started (donated). Cooking with Drag Queens Forward!!!

    Love you my dear hunties!


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