FOF #2033 – Cameron Esposito Comes Back

Aug 14, 2014 · 132074 views

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For years Comedian Cameron Esposito was a regular on the podcast and even performed with us at a gay men’s bathhouse. Since then she’s moved to L.A. and done really well for herself.

Listen as we reconnect with America’s Lesbian Sweetheart Cameron Esposito about her Hollywood success, her working and romantic relationship with comedian Rhea Butcher and behind the scenes hijinks at Chelsea Lately.


  1. RandyStrokes says:

    I am sooooo excited to load this episode on my ipod for today’s listening. Cameron we have missed you. Thanks for coming back and don’t be a stranger. Congrats on all the success.

  2. Tim Webster says:

    I haven’t finished listening to the show yet, but I can’t believe her comedy album is being released on Kill Rock Stars! They have so many great indie artists!

  3. hajaXavier says:

    welcome back CE! we’ve missed you. Very excited to learn about your success. I was listening to this on my bike portion of my commute, laughing for easily half of it. (laughing out loud?! of course, how else would i laugh?!).

    M&F, re: father figures. We met a guy snowboarding in Colorado two years ago. He has since moved to SF. He’s exceptionally attractive and very young. One day we were having a drink and I realized i didn’t understand a word his said (i understood each individual word, but not collectively). I told him i don’t speak millenial. It then occured to me to call him Bambi. Bambi, speak English!

    Without missing a beat he called us his gay father figurines! I love being a gay father figurine to my lost gorgeous millenial bambi.

  4. colaboy29 says:

    Yea, Cameron! We miss you! But glad your career is doing well.

  5. Welcome back Cameron! Missed hearing you on the show. So happy to hear you are doing well! (As if there were any doubts) LOL

  6. Amazing! Cameron is so funny! Loved hearing about her new life in Los Feliz, Los Angeles! And congratulations to her on her engagement to her girlfriend!

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