FOF #2039 – Alaska’s Makeup is Far from Terrible

Sep 3, 2014 · 1985 views

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Alaska now has a hit on her hands with her new video “Your Makeup is Terrible” where he majestically deconstructs his drag creation, showing us the vulnerable man underneath the painted visage.

Listen as Alaska takes all your questions and gives us the dirt on his collaboration with Adore Delano, the common ground trans folks and drag performers share and how drag builds community.


  1. Zoltán says:

    I press Play and nothing happens 🙁

  2. Flavio says:

    Hi guys, in Italy a person with a (university) degree is “Dottore” (male) o “Dottoressa” (female). Professore (m) and Professoressa (f) is the same as everywhere else, that is you need to be teaching.

  3. Darragh says:

    Loved it, thanks for asking my question!

  4. Finally catching up after burning man. I saw sex I the city and loved every second of it! Can’t wait for Alaska’s next performance in sf.

    Re: Japanese. I don’t know if I would describe the difference as tone, it’s more pitch. The annoying part is hearing my powerful western women friends go from their western voice to their little girl Japanese voice. They knew they did it and hated it as well, but couldn’t help it.

    Vocabulary is also different, which made it difficult for me. We learn languages by aping, all my Japanese teachers were women, hence I spoiled female Japanese unbeknownst to me. The giggles eventually have it away.

    Ps. Your makeup is terrible.

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