FOF #2040 – Brianna Baker Goes to Prison, Hollywood

Sep 4, 2014 · 1985 views

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Like a lot of performers in Chicago, Brianna Baker is making Feast of Fun her last stop before heading to Hollywood to further her career.

Before her big move, Brianna, who never really met her father in person, recently visited him in prison in Florida and discovered they have a lot in common.

Today, Brianna Baker talks about moving from Chicago to LA while connecting with her father as he prepares to get out of prison.


  1. GaryS says:

    Mark and Fausto,
    I have to tell you that I love love LOVE your pod casts! I am a new fan, only discovering you in the last couple of months. Your shows with Shea Couleé, Darienne Lake, Michael Urie just to name a few, are genius! But listening to your interview with Mutha VIVA-VIVACIOUS was probably the best time Ive ever had in my life with things stuck in my ears!!!

    However, in these few weeks of ‘binge-listening’ there is one thing that seems to be as a little excessive, and thats your apologism for Parker Marie Molloy.

    As an example, Parker Marie never actually apologizes to RuPaul on the original podcast though you keep saying numerous times that she did. What she actually did was to mumble something about her tweet being ‘um, uh a poor choice of words’. That is not an apology, to anyone. What Alaska does when she calls in later on is, apologize. Listen and learn children. That is how a mature person apologizes. Its also interesting that though Alaska says several times that the person in her infamous video is not Parker Marie, you guys continue to say it is.

    About her latest hissy-fit with Kelsie Brynn Jones, you say that poor poor Parker Marie was ‘irritated’ by what was said and was given a ‘bad edit’ on her down right awful comments by having them published. “Bad edit”???? Come on now boys. Out of context or not, the C word is still the C word, hypocritically used as name calling by someone who is now abrogating her credibility to lead the discussion against the use of ‘hate words’.

    Parker Marie seems to be very intelligent, very fragile young lady. I cant begin to understand the dramatic physical and emotional challenges that she is dealing with right now, and Im glad that she has posted that she is seeking the support of her family and friends to help her deal with them.

    But, its now time that you start to hold Parker Marie responsible to the same exacting standards of language and conduct to which she holds the internet and the rest of the world.

    I would also suggest that as your friend Parker Marie needs your love and support, more than she or we needs excuses.

    Any who, this in no way interferes with my desperate love for the two of you and all that you do. Cant wait ’til you start posting “Cooking with DragQueens”! ( I am a contributor. You’re welcome.)
    And I just signed up as a Gold Plus+ member (You’re welcome again. 😉 Cant wait now to listen to Trouble in Parkerdise!
    Keep up the good, the fun, the informative work,

    PS BTW Loved your interview with Brianna.

    • I hear you Gary. I don’t feel like I’m apologizing for Parker, but people were asking us about it. What I think is most appalling is for someone to take only part of the conversation that they had in private and post it online. It’s tacky, so I can see why Parker called her the C word. I use the C word and many other awful words all the time in my private conversations and sometimes on the podcast, but people who listen to the podcast see the whole picture and not just isolated segments. You take anything out of context and it can seem way more dramatic than it really is.

      It seems to me that this person was hounding Parker and Parker went too far. She’s still learning how to deal with douche bags. I’ve had ten years of being on the public space so I can tell an asshole like Kelsie Brynn Jones from a mile away, so I just ignore them or let them know how I feel about them in a more courteous or succinct manner.

      Thank you for your support!

    • Helllooooo! Gary– RE: Parker, I probably cut her a lot of slack because I think she deserves it and has earned the benefit of the doubt. She’s a rabble rouser who has gotten a lot of attention for helping trans folks stand up for themselves.

      At the same time, Parker is my friend and I have asked her a lot of hard questions personally and on the show. I did warn her to ignore the haters “if they don’t pay your bill, don’t pay them any mind.” But we sometimes have to learn by making our own mistakes.

      Maybe some don’t consider what Parker said about RuPaul an apology, but I do. How about expressing remorse? Is remorse a better word? Saying that you “hate” a celebrity isn’t hate speech. It’s political speech. It’s like saying you hate Sarah Palin or Obama.

      It’s like me saying I really really hate Kim Kardashian and everything she stands for.

      We don’t personally know these people, you just hate this or that about them. Maybe we need new words to express contempt for public figures as opposed to people we actually know.

      I’ve met RuPaul and know quite a few of his friends very well, so obviously I don’t feel comfortable saying I “hate him” since that doesn’t express my own feelings about the way the controversy was handled. For the record I love both RuPaul and Parker Marie. I even love Lady Bunny!

      Anyway, for whatever it’s worth, here’s Parker Marie expressing contempt, apologizing for tweeting “I hate RuPaul.”

      If you’re concerned about the Word Police, that’s not me or you or any trans blogger, it’s Facebook, Google who mess with websites traffic for using too many cuss words. It’s the FCC who fine radio and tv shows millions of dollars for saying words about our genitals.

      Those are the REAL word police:

      Either way, I’m so thankful that we can have a podcast where we can talk to a wide variety of people with many perspectives on this nuanced issue.

      I did say that 2014 was going to be the year of the Trans, didn’t I? I’m Nostradamus, only without the funny beard… 😉

      Thank you so much for your support of Feast of Fun and of the Cooking with Drag Queens project, it’s interesting to note that Parker helped us write a lot of the copy and press releases for the show. She, like you was critical in the fundraiser’s success.

      I’m so sad Brianna and so many talented, wonderful guests we’ve had as neighbors have moved on to other fabulous new cities and jobs. I wish Brianna the best and she’s always welcome back anytime! She has a standing invitation back whenever she likes.


  2. Than says:

    I’m super excited you are going to have a gay quadriplegic on the show. I think I suggested gays with disabilities to you fellas a while back. I think there are all these corners and fringes of the LGBT community that people just don’t know anything about. I never meet deaf or blind people out in the world, but I know they’re out there. I want to hear their story.

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