FOF #2045 – Cartoon Voices During Sex

Sep 12, 2014 · 1985 views

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Our friend Cody Melcher is pretty high strung, and sometimes feels at odds with the world around him. Maybe it’s because he’s a paleophile, a person who loves old and ancient things, or because he’s a time traveler in disguise.

Or maybe it’s because whenever he feels happy and relaxed he starts to talk in cartoon voices, like Droopy Dog or Bubu, Yogi the Bear’s little sidekick.


  1. Mr. Melcher is one of the best guests on the show in a while. Between his FOF appearances and Tomefoolery, he’s become my new internet crush of the moment.

  2. Fishsauce says:

    I’m loving Cody’s appearance on this episode. I especially love his ADORABLE laugh! More of him, please!

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