FOF #2053 – Incredibly Strange Cookbooks

Sep 25, 2014 · 1985 views

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There’s something magical about cookbooks- the great ones inspire us to make delicious food and take us on a journey into the most intimate parts of other people’s lives. But then there are some other cookbooks, the stuff which nightmares are made of.

Today we take a look at incredibly strange cookbooks, unfortunate gourmet guides that should be sent back to hell where they came from.


  1. Avatar colaboy29 says:

    One of our local theaters did Evil Dead the Musical a few years ago and it was awesome. They used a live band and it was in a very small theater so it felt really intimate. And there are some great songs in the show.

    And did you hear that the Katherine Knott chick has been suspended from her job at a hospital for sending out pictures of patients’ x-rays? Karma is a bitch.

  2. Avatar Rick says:

    OMG! Listening to your show on strange cook books and I’m cracking up!

    A friend actually gave us “Natural Harvest” as well as their bartending guide, “Semenology” as a joke once. There are some recommendations for collecting the generous amounts of um… “product,” needed for their recipes. Now, I’m an old fashioned guy and I don’t mind taking a load in the face (because I’m classy and all) but I hadn’t really thought about actively ingesting semen for the taste.

    We’ve never made any of the food recipes, but after a random night of drinking with my fella we cracked open the bar guide. I have to say… I’ve had worse mojitos in my life. Though, I think it was more fun making the cocktail than drinking it.

  3. Avatar Rick says:

    Additionally, the bloody mary in my picture here is NOT from that guide. It’s just a standard one, no extra ingredients.

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