FOF #2091 – Joan Waters Lip Syncs for Her Life and Lives

Dec 11, 2014 · 135808 views

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After winning this year’s Reddit’s Lip Sync for Your Life Contest,” Joan Waters won yet another contest, Northwestern University’s production grant for having her own script turned into a television pilot. The show is tentatively is called “Out of Sync,” a Cheers like sitcom that takes place in a bar full of drag queens.

Today the she-larious Joan Waters joins us to take a look at the hi-jinks of putting together a sitcom with real drag queens. Why all the RuPaul’s Drag Race “Meet the Queen” videos had such low energy and what’s the skinny behind the Drag Stars at Sea cruise.


  1. Tim Webster says:

    Joan is so fun and hilarious! Please continue doing shows with her!

    I knew a couple who went on the Drag cruise, and the blog post Mark read was either being disingenuous or was ill-informed. They told me before they left that in addition to the RPDR group, there was also going to be a bear cruise and a Grindr cruise on the same ship. So that accounts for all the big guys and the circuit queens, who I am guessing had their own programming.

    • She’s my favorite booger queen ever! (KIDDING) Honestly I just ADORE Joan Waters and think she’s got what it takes to go far. I’m really excited about her new sitcom and hope it in the very least turns into a rocking web series (what Girls will Be Girls should have been all along.)

      I’d love to be able to afford to go on the RPDR cruise, or any cruise for that matter! But the thought of fighting for a life preserver on a boat full of drag queens is the stuff my nightmares are made from. Talk about lip syncing for your life!

  2. The shirtless Abercrombie prank!

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