FOF #2125 – The Search for Spock

Mar 2, 2015 · 92793 views

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Farewell Leonard Nimoy, you have been, and forever shall be our friend. The legendary man who made famous Mr. Spock from Star Trek, died on Friday at age 83.

Today, Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at the extraordinary actor who made Mr. Spock into one of history’s greatest TV characters.


  1. for the record, I do not hate Brian. I do disagree profusely with him profusely on the issue of Ru Paul and Shemale gate from last year, and his adoration for the ~~delightful~~ trans blogger Parker Marie, and I begin to groan and roll my eyes when Brian goes into his social justice tirades as a straight white man. Then I find him to be quite obnoxious and unfunny when he is actually being serious, and it is hard to tell sometimes when he is being serious or not. That’s all.

    and I can’t believe Fausto was the only one who knew about Leonard Nimoy’s y2k psa he did, I could have sworn it was brought up on a past FOF show too…

  2. Bryce says:

    Brian Sweeney I love you and you honestly made me tear up at my desk while listening to you talk about Leonard Nimoy. This man was so influential beyond the realm of Star Trek and the world feels a little bit colder without his presence. Brian you are absolutely my favorite guest on this show and I was so thrilled when I saw that you were on this episode. Wish you would come on Feast of Fun more. Though some may not appreciate your straight white man perspective, this gay black man from Chattanooga welcomes it with open arms. I think your bone-dry self-deprecating humor is a nice foil to Fausto’s quirky, over-the-top shenanigans and I think the chemistry between the three of you is so palpable. Brian you are my Man Crush Monday!

    To my sexy uncles, Fausto and Marc, you guys give me so much life! Thank you so much for putting together quality shows. You guys make my work days a little less stressful and I appreciate that so much! Keep doing what you are doing because somewhere there is a little lost and lonely gay boy who needs you two to be his guide. Love you both!

  3. colaboy29 says:

    Thanks for the great episode, guys. Brian, you are a Star Trek expert and loved hearing all the facts and trivia about the series. Thanks!

  4. Artemisia says:

    Hey guys I was really sad about Leonard Nimoy. I’m a big nerd at hart and it’s just sad that he’s gone.

    I figured I’d give my thoughts about the whole trans actors only thing…

    On one side of the debate you have trans people who really have felt misrepresented by the media. I think it has to do with wanting to have someone to look up too in a movie and know they understand the same things we are going though…

    On the other hand here is where this becomes problematic. What Brian was trying his best to spit out with out offending anyone is if your doing a movie about a trans person and specifically their transition, how does one cover a trans person’s transition with out actually following a real trans person around, for years, to see their change?

    If you where doing a movie that happens to have a trans character in the story and the movie isn’t specifically about that trans person’s transition like Dallas Buyers Club for example, they could have used a real trans actor.
    Many trans where pissed at this fact but I am not.
    For one I thought as a whole it’s a good movie with a good message and second for the time period the character of Rayon, I think her name was, probably would not look like a trans person we see today.

    Doing a movie about the first trans surgery you would have 3 options as a director.
    1. You have an actor play the beginning, middle and stages of transition using makeup effects.

    2. You find and actor and actress to play the beginning and ending stages of the transition. This option I feel would feel strange because your trying to get used to a new actor playing the same person.

    3. You find a trans actor who in this case is already probably toward the “end” of their transition. I used quotes because the end is really anywhere you feel comfortable… But in this case you’d have to make a trans person look back like their starting gender…
    In my case as well as many other trans people, I can’t look like my old self if I tried.

    So really while I too would like to see a trans character, though I’d like to see them in an action movie of some sort, when doing a movie about transiting this trans actor only is vary problematic.

    One of my favorite movie characters to look up to is Django. I don’t know what it’s like to be black but I know what it’s like to be treated like crap and I like to see a hater get what they deserve. It would be nice to see a trans character in a role like this.

    Anyhow figured I’d drop the ask a trans person perspective lol
    Luv yeah <3

  5. Artemisia says:

    By the way this made me tear up a bit. A friend had posted her profile pic with the band over her Star Fleet pin. It was done at the end of Wraith of Kahn, at Spocks funereal : (

    • That’s so sweet and touching! Thanks for sharing that Artemisia.

      I always find it fascinating when a celebrity dies who is well known for having died as a character on TV or film, it’s like we get to re-live their funeral all over again.

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