FOF #2147 – The Holy Pizza Wars

Apr 9, 2015 · 1985 views

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The battle between equality and religious fundamentalism is now taking place in pizza parlors and bakeries.

What is it about white flour that makes people go nuts?

Today writer Zach Stafford from the Guardian joins us to take a look at the Holy Pizza Wars- how groups on both sides of the table are serving up politics with a side of cheese sticks in 30 minutes or less.


  1. colaboy29 says:

    Hey guys, there is one thing that really irks me in the pizza controversy: when those against the the pizza place say who has pizza catered for a wedding? It sounds funny but I’ve seen posting on one blog discussing it where one man posted they had their reception in a pizza restaurant because they couldn’t afford anything more fancy. After hearing that, the quip of “who has pizza for a wedding” just becomes a hurtful comment to LGBT folks who don’t have money to lavishly celebrate their wedding.

    But you are so right when you say that future business owners who get donations when the “homo-fascists” are being mean to them for their views: they will get less and less from the anonymous donors.

    Otherwise great to have Zach back on discussing the articles he is working on.

    • Than says:

      That is always my reaction as well. My husband and I are upper-middle income, but we still had a fairly strict, very low budget of $2000 for our reception, mostly because I just didn’t want to spend more than that. It was a very small, intimate affair. We rented a community room in our apartment complex. Our friend cooked the main course. Another friend, who is a chef, catered the hors d’oeuvres at cost. We still went over budget a few hundred dollars. I can’t imagine how a lower-middle-class couple would do it. Pizza wouldn’t be an unreasonable option.

  2. agrimi01 says:

    Great show. I love Zach. Is he single? j/k

    I don’t know what to make of all of this state vs. gay business. I feel like as a nation, we are regressing. On the converse of this issue, gay business owners could refuse service to extremists in certain situations. Let me explain.

    Let’s say that you had a t-shirt printing company, and a “straight” person came in and wanted to order shirts that said, “god hates fags?” You could feasibly refuse to do business with that person, because it’s against your beliefs. According to the IN law, you would have that right. We can use their own laws against them.

    What concerns me more is that CA lawyer who wants a law passed making it legal to shoot-to-kill gay people. I know it’s not going anywhere in the CA Legislature, but to think of all the hate and resentment that’s out there. It makes me nervous to leave the house. Maybe that’s my own irrational fear.

    Again, this is one of the reasons I love your show. You can have outrageous fun with drag queens one day, yet have meaningful dialogue on issues that matter to our community. You are absolutely the best!

    I saw the promo for CWDQ. To quote the Lego Movie, “Everything is Awesome!” Can’t wait to see the shows.

    Have a great rest of the week.

    Jim Canelake – Minneapolis, MN

  3. I fell asleep listening to this episode on an airplane. Goddamn that was dark. Give me nightmares about the dude giving guys HIV.

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