FOF #2151 – The Glorious Amazing Life of Peaches Christ

Apr 16, 2015 · 1985 views

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One of the hardest working queens is undoubtedly Peaches Christ who puts on big budget shows that feature many beloved drag queens.

Sounds like a pretty amazing life to you! Still, even with all the splendiferousness, Peaches keeps a good head on her shoulders, right under her flawlessly coiffed wig.

Today, Peaches Christ joins us to talk about her many hilarious tributes to everyone’s favorit films.


  1. Than says:

    Everything Thomas Dekker is in is only watchable because of him, which is kind of a backhanded compliment but a compliment non-the-less. I stopped watching Heroes when he was written out of the show. I only made it through Kaboom because he was in it. He’s great. Love him.

    I really cannot get behind movies based on theme parks. No thanks.

    Happy B’Day, Fausto! I’ll be getting high in your honor this weekend.

  2. teacher44 says:

    I have tickets to see Peaches and Jinkx this weekend in NYC. I’m even more excited since hearing that Bob is part of the cast. I was lucky enough to see John Cameron Mitchell in Hedwig last night. And Cooking with Drag Queens is debuting on Wednesday! Best Week Ever!!

    BTW, Jonny Mcgovern had some great stories to tell about being on an RSVP cruise with both Bob and Jinkx on his podcast in February.

    Hoping we will soon hear about what you and Jonny will be up to at the Austin Drag Fest next month. Will you be recording a podcast together or doing some other kind of media that will be available on the internet?

    Belated birthday greetings- as my tribe would say, “ad meah v’esrim” -until 120 !

  3. Grey Gardens is one of the best films ever! It was fascinating catching up with Peaches Christ, she is doing lots of interesting and fun things. Will the drag queens be entering Mexico in drag? Will they need new passport photos? Can’t wait for Cooking with Drag Queens!

  4. Helela says:

    I really liked the part about doing drag and ageing.
    Guess that’s because this september it’ll be 20 years of doing drag for me 😉

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