FOF #2158 – Dad Bod

May 11, 2015 · 189386 views

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Forget about working on your summer beach bod fellas, the Dad Bod is the new look. After a college student’s blog essay “Why Girls Love the Dad Bod” exploded, everyone’s now raving over the dad bod as the hot new trend.

Today we take a look at dad bods, daddy sharks and gay bears— why there’s nothing wrong with being a little thick and juicy and aged to perfection.


  1. Tim Webster says:

    I tried with Grace and Frankie, but the writing pretty bad. All I could think while watching it was that no real person would actually behave like this under these circumstances. The premise alone is a bit cringe-worthy and lends itself to cliches. I was excited because I am fans of both women, but i only made it about four episodes.

    • Glad someone agrees with me! LOL I’m SO disappointed in that show, they could have made another 9 to 5 classic comedy, instead they made sentimental, cliche crap.

      Imagine if Peaches Christ had written the script… damn it.

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