FOF #2185 – Rainbow Revolution

Jun 30, 2015 · 1985 views

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Moments like this happen once in a lifetime. As you’ve probably already heard, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Marriage Equality, making it also possible for people to add rainbow filters to their social media profile pictures.

Today Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at how everyone’s responding to the momentous ruling and what excuses can we come up with to get out of going to our friend’s lousy wedding.


  1. Alan says:

    Yay! I missed Brian, it’s been too long! Ugh, such a cutie.

    It’s been a great couple of weeks down here in Texas. Mexico passed marriage equality about a month or so ago without much fanfare, so when -we- got it last week, and the hatemongers started going about how they were moving to Mexico because they weren’t proud of being Americans anymore; I just wished them good luck with a smile and a wink.

  2. Here’s a link to the periscope video we made during the podcast: VIDEO.

  3. welcome back brian!

    you’ve done it again. the old man on the porch is yelling at everyone: get off my lawn!

    the people responsible for marriage are not the media savvy kids. quite the opposite. if media savvy kids (say, 18-35) voted at at over 50% rate Prop 8 would have been defeated. The people responsible are people like Evan Wolfson, Kate Kendall, Geoff Kors, Shannon Minter, Marc Solomon and Andrew Sullivan (four of which are friends of mine, one was in my burning man camp, though not a friend). All of these individuals are over 50 (hmm, shannan may not be).

    my point is that they laid the foundation that made marriage possible in our great country. not kids who don’t vote. the foundation was laid a generation ago when only Andrew and Evan were the only activist who were serious about marriage. i’m grateful for their foresight.

    California was the first state to pass marriage equality in the legislature (it was vetoed, twice). Massachusetts did it in the courts. it took YEARS before it passed at the ballot. These actions laid the foundation that now makes it possible for a 20 year old to aspire to be married. Unthinkable for someone my age.

    i’ll paraphrase another old man, Barney Frank. When leftists get angry, they protest, or post to their social media. When rightist get angry, they vote.

    excellent work gentlemen. love the shows the past few months!

  4. GaryS says:

    I agree. Brian Sweeney RULES! Anyone who even realizes that they confused ‘Lucy McGillicuddy’ with ‘Lucy Carmichael’, then can explain the confusion, and correct himself a minute later, is a savant in my opinion. Thanks you for being you, Brian.

    I also agree with the cranky old man on the porch, hajaXavier. Thinking, in our rightful enthusiasm with the events of the last couple weeks, that ‘…marriage equality happened so quickly” sells very short the activists that Xavier mentioned, along with others like Randy Lloyd that go way back to the Homophile Movement of the 60’s.

    These men and women were radicals in the truest sense. They kicked in doors, directing their political action toward those that were/are hostile to us, not at our allies, as the fragile activists of today seem to feel they can only ‘safely’ do.

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