FOF #2191 – To Miss Understood, Thanks for Everything

Jul 23, 2015 · 1985 views

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It’s the 20 year anniversary of To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar, the unusual film that featured pretty much every famous drag queen at the time including RuPaul, Lady Bunny, Coco Peru and Miss Understood.

Joining us today is Miss Understood to look at the movie and how through her company, Screaming Queens, she’s gotten to work with so many well loved drag performers.


  1. Miss Understood is so handsome as a boy! He’s a bear!

  2. Than says:

    Great guest today. Alex is very bright, articulate and obviously knows his business.

  3. Chickengirl says:

    My biggest gripe with Periscope is that you can’t go back and watch past broadcasts. It seems they only stay up for a few hours or so and then vanish into thin air. So you can’t go back and watch Fausto’s tour of Miss Understood’s studio :((( I wish it operated like other streaming sites where a user’s stream can be automatically recorded and archived…otherwise, if you miss it because your have been away from your computer for a long time, or can’t be on your phone to watch it from there, too bad so sad.

    it was nice hearing Miss Understood on the show again! Always fun to hear these veteran Queens talk about current drag culture and other social issues~~

  4. Daniel says:

    WTF 20 years??

    i remember seeing it in the cinema…

  5. Coltron says:

    The first episode that I ever listened to was your first one with Miss Understood way back when. Nostalgia!!

  6. Yes, To Wong Foo is a very watered down remake of Priscilla. They basically take the conceit of the drag queen road movie and adapt it to the United States, but without the complexity. I really appreciated John Leguizamo’s performance (came across as the most convincing, perhaps because he is a stellar drag performer) and also the inclusion of Lady Catiria, an amazing trans performer who was a reigning celebrity at La Escuelita in the Times Square area. I wrote the Wikipedia entry on Lady Catiria and have a chapter on her in the book I am writing on Puerto Rican drag and trans performers. The number of 1990s drag queens that appear in cameos in To Wong Foo is insane! Listening to Miss Understood was amazing! OSAKA HERNANDEZ!!! OMG. And Ivy Winters is living in my town of Ann Arbor, Michigan?????!!!!!! Great show!!!!!

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