FOF #2192 – Your Periscope is Terrible (But We Love You Anyways)

Jul 24, 2015 · 1985 views

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Did you know we’re on Periscope? It’s a great tool for this lonely generation who grew up in front of a screen. And, it’s an easy thing to really suck hard at. Lucky for you, we don’t.

Drag Queen Dixie Lynn Cartwright joins us to talk about our new tech obsession.


  1. colaboy29 says:

    Dixie is such a delight! Thanks for having her on again. She funny with that twisted streak or snarkiness that pops out when needed.

    And you are all correct that the Fox News generation is dying. It’s been proven. Hell, even Rush Limbaugh has admitted it.

    Thanks for another great episode, boys!

  2. Chickengirl says:

    It sucks to see Dixie go through such pain due to the tumultuous relationship with her father. I lost my father to cancer last fall, but we didn’t have the best relationship, and he had many negative qualities about him. Politics and religion wise however, he was very liberal and non-religious.

    When he was dying from cancer those negative qualities about his personality really escalated in certain ways. He kind of became a terrible person. Sure, part of it was because he was in so much pain, and his brain was fried from all the painkillers he was on, but that didn’t excuse some of the awful things he did, especially how he treated my mother when he was sick.

    So it was easier for me to let him go when he finally did pass. I was left with no regrets that we never patched things up together, I felt like he didn’t deserve to have that closure with me. I realize how harsh that sounds, but I’ve always been a very pragmatic/no bullshit type of person, some would see it as being pessimistic, but if I were in Dixie’s position, and I had her father, I would probably have cut off all ties with him a long time ago.

    Yet everyone is different. For some it’s hard to disconnect with friends or family members, even when that person has such a negative impact on their lives

  3. Than says:

    I have to work hard to maintain the relationship with my father. He’s always forwarding me these conservative articles from these dubious sources and asking what I think to instigate. I can always point-for-point knock down these intellectual lightweights, but it’s a constant struggle because the conservative noise machine is so prolific.

    There’s definitely a Christian privilege, too. Unless we are utterly differential to their fairy tales, we are persecuting them, but when they are actually persecuting us, they’re just expressing their faith. Bullshit.

    My dad actually agreed with me that the those bakers were not representing Christianity well, so there’s a ray of hope.

  4. Great show. Thanks Dixie Lynn and Marc for talking about the challenges you face talking to conservative parents! That was a very useful (if painful) conversation and hopefully will help many people in a similar situation. I also enjoyed listening to your advice about how to use Periscope!

  5. Curtis says:

    Fox News has definitely impacted my relationship with my Mother, I worry that the decrease in phone calls from her (we have had a standing thing where she calls me every Saturday since I moved away from my hometown). I’m a person who has always been really connected to what is happening in the world politically so it is inevitable that something comes up during visits that puts us at odds. I try to keep it focused on issues, but she takes it all personally and thinks I’m telling her she’s stupid because I talk about how obvious the dishonesty on Fox is. I try to reassure her that my concern is exactly that she is being tricked by a propaganda machine, and that I don’t understand how the generous thoughtful loving person I know can be persuaded to support positions rooted so deeply in selfishness, greed, and preserving a system that doesn’t benefit her and in fact acts in opposition to the best interest of herself, her children and her grandchildren’s best interests.

    The struggle is real.

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