FOF #2195 – Terri Runnels’ Wild World of TV Wrestling

Jul 30, 2015 · 1985 views

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In the mid 90s, wrestling personality Goldust became a sensation for using homophobia as a weapon. His wife at the time, Terri Runnels got in on the act by lampooning the flamboyancy of televised wrestling as his dominatrix manager Marlena.

Today Terri Runnels, joins us to talk about her wild life as a wrestling star!


  1. Than says:

    My husband went to a ghetto high school in a desert trash town where the girls put razor blades in their hair, so that when the other girls tried to grab their hair in a fight, they would get cut. Yikes.

    It makes me almost happy to have gone to a bigoted all white small town high school with tribal knuckle-dragging bullies.

  2. Martin Duggan says:

    Fantastic Interview With The ALWAYS Beautiful & ALL Ways Lovely Terri, Loved Terri Since 1996! Never stopped supporting Her & NEVER Will
    US Gay Guys Love YOU TO!!! ❤️

  3. Dan Volberg says:

    Great Interview with one of my Favorite Ladies of Wrestling. I had no idea how hard the life of a Pro Wrestler was.

  4. By far your best podcast ever…..After all of my interviews of course hahaha! I love how honest and candid this was! Terri Runnels is The Best!!!

  5. Coltron says:

    Cody Runnels aka Cody Rhodes in the middle looking like he is enjoying himself. When you try to search this picture on google and you click on it, it shows up as something else like they masked it.

  6. What a wild podcast! Fun listening to Terri Runnels and her daughter Dakota! I have never been a fan of Goldust but it was interesting to hear your take on his performance. I am a fan of pro wresting and enjoyed listening to you guys compare it to drag queens, body builders and transgender experience.

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