FOF #2197 – One Hundred Wigs

Aug 4, 2015 · 68216 views

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On August 1, comedian Meg Grunewald celebrated her 100th character and her one year anniversary on Vine, the 6 second video sharing app where folks mostly post wacky clips of themselves yelling at the camera.

Today Meg joins us to talk about how she took her wig collection and became an internet celebrity on Vine


  1. agrimi01 says:

    This was a great show. Leslie Jordan’s Starbucks cameo made my day. I had a street Bible thumping urchin tell me yesterday that I was going to hell. I told him that my reservations are confirmed and my hand basket is ready. He didn’t know how to respond. Loved watching him squirm.

    Anyway, I don’t know where I’ve been, but I need to look Meg up. What a hoot! I wish I were that creative.

    Love cooking with Drag Queens. I am telling everyone who would be interested to check it out. You really have something here. Logo, be aware!!!!!

    Love you two! XOXOX

  2. teacher44 says:

    I am in awe of how Meg Grunewald’s brain works. It boggles my mind that she is able to access all of these characters she has created and keep straight how they sound and look, their quirks and convoluted back stories. She seems to be able to turn on a dime and go from one character to the next without hesitation. Most impressive!

    I watched your wig party periscope. As a kindergarten teacher, I totally recognized the behavior and the dynamic- and I mean that in the best possible way. It was delightful to see a group of adults who have not lost the ability to access the sense of playfulness I see and love in my 5 year old students. It was an inspiring reminder to me. We all need to be willing to release control enough to explore the world and each other through play.

  3. Than says:

    Please, god, no conflict on CWDQ. Banter. Banter is good, but no manufactured conflict, please. Invite the queens to ‘read’ you on the show.

    • I’m talking about talking about our feelings—

      Mister Rogers: “We don’t have to bop somebody over the head to make drama on the screen. We deal with such things as getting a haircut, or the feelings about brothers and sisters, and the kind of anger that arises in simple family situations. And we speak to it constructively.”

      Drama/conflict can come from talking about our feelings than fighting with each other.

  4. Coltron says:

    The act of “tea bagging” is actually the same in the virtual world as it is in the real world!

    When you kill someone in a FPS (First Person Shooter) genre, it is sometimes customary to show your dominance over them. You would then walk over, place your character over your enemy’s dead body and rapidly hit the crouch button so that you go up and down over them. What’s more is that after they died, while they are waiting for their character to respawn, the camera view they see if that of their corpse getting tea bagged.

    Total pwnage. []

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