FOF #2204 – Joan Waters is Masc for MascDonalds

Aug 17, 2015 · 1985 views

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Do you ever get asked on dating apps: “are you a masculine?” For many of us our gender expression is complicated so we’re left scratching our heads figuring out where these guys are coming from.

Today we’re joined by drag queen Joan Waters to talk about guys who obsess so much about masculinity that they become the biggest queens!


  1. real critique says:

    hi the file is still called amanda lapore

  2. Than says:

    I don’t use Twitter to lambaste people, and I don’t follow anyone who does. That hasn’t been my experience with Twitter at all. I love Twitter for engaging with cool peeps like @feastoffun.

    The internet in general is an equal representation of the very best and the very worst of people and nothing in-between. You will never find anyone’s true self on the internet, only a facade. Some put out their best selves, their highest ideals and aspirations, while others put out their deepest, darkest selves where anonymity is assured. We exorcise our demons on the internet, and we paint ourselves as angels.

  3. Great show. Loved Joan Waters! This podcast hit so close to home that I am actually hearing it for the second time. Thanks for the shout-out, Marc! Nice to hear about your long blue fingernails, Joan!

  4. agrimi01 says:

    Loved the show. You continue to bring great guests, fun topics and lots of drag realness. Maybe the next time I’m in Chicago I could crash the show and bring you my level of crazy.

    Love and kisses!

    Jim C – Minneapolis, MN

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