FOF #2220 – Big Pharma’s Biggest Jerk

Sep 22, 2015 · 1985 views

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Folks are fuming mad at Martin Shkreli, a hedge fund millionaire who’s made the news by buying a Daraprim, a vital AIDS and cancer drug,then raising the price a whopping 5000%.

Today we take a look at the Internet’s new public enemy #1 who may ultimately inspire people to demand universal healthcare.


  1. Martin Shkreli is a scumbag. I watched the interview you posted on the FOF site and he was so smug. It’s almost like he’s saying fuck you through that evil grin. I can’t even write what I want to happen to him (because I am a very nice person), but I wouldn’t be sad if Coco Peru pushed him down a flight of stairs.

  2. Than says:

    He’s not a cartoon character. He’s actually very representative of Wall Street. People admire Gordon Gekko. They love villains and are jealous of the elites who vacuum up the wealth of the nation at the expense of hundreds of millions of people.

    If people are outraged by Martin Shkreli, maybe there is hope, but I don’t see it. No one is going to do anything about scumbags like him, because too many powerful people’s interests are aligned with his.

  3. Than says:

    My reading of this after reading more about it is that the market will respond with Doctors not prescribing Daraprim, prescribing instead, the more effective, both pathologically and economically, antibiotic drugs. Doctors are not so cynical as hedge fund managers; they will boycott Daraprim.

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