FOF #2222 – How Not to Be an Asshole

Sep 23, 2015 · 1985 views

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Has the whole world has gone mad? Kim Davis gets away with bogus marriage licenses, CEO Martin Shkreli raises meds prices 5000%, joggers & dads with baby strollers duke it out in Brooklyn and then Azaelia Banks punches a passenger on a plane.

Today comedian Cody Melcher joins us to take a look at how to be anything other than an asshole, dealing with everyday rotten people and what to do when you realize you’re one of the bad guys.


  1. Than says:

    I’ve seen it. I saw it yesterday. Parents with kids are careless. They don’t care about anything or anyone outside of their tiny little family; no regard for the extended family or community. “Raising kids is hard” is no excuse. Don’t have kids if you can’t be a parent and a person at the same time.

  2. J.D. says:

    The parents in my Brooklyn neighborhood use their strollers and children as battling rams.

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