FOF #2224 – Bitch It’s Vivacious

Sep 30, 2015 · 1985 views

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Mother has arrived! When Miley Cyrus danced with 30 drag queens at the VMAs, one queen with a giant yellow wig and sick-o-ning dance moves stood out- the electrifying Vivacious.

Listen as we kiki with Vivacious about the grueling week long rehearsals with Miley that led to the glorious show.


  1. J D says:

    VIVACIOUS! I live. Zhoosh is up.

  2. Trannika Sex says:

    Where was Ornacia? His one claim to fame.

  3. Than says:

    I would rather hear a performer sing their songs live than watch them dance to their songs live. But, I’m not a Madonna fan. Maybe Madonna fans have different expectations. I saw Florence + the Machine live, and it was amazing. Florence is a singer first, and a performer second. I saw Ian Cooke in the basement of a bar, just one crazy artist and his cello. I saw Cher in a huge stadium. She doesn’t move so well anymore, but she can still sing. She has hot dancers to dance around her, while she does what she does best. It was a fine performance. I’m not paying that kind of money to see a singer dance and lip sync. I’ll pay to see dancers dance if I care to see that.

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