FOF #2228 – Save Cooking with Drag Queens

Oct 6, 2015 · 1985 views

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It’s been a delicious year for Cooking with Drag Queens, our fabulous new web series where you get to know your favorite queens better and get introduced to some fabulous new gals.

Joining us is the splendiferous Joan Waters as we give you a sneak peek at all the delicious she-nanigans we have planned for Season 2 of Cooking with Drag Queens.


  1. jane says:

    I don’t think you guys are gonna get this funded. People donated last year with the assumption this would lead to more seasons. Good luck but at this rate I doubt you guys will get to 50% funded.

    • We’ve only just begun, and a lot of people who care about the series and want to see it continue will make a donation. We have so many exciting new goodies in store for Season 2, I have no doubt that the good will is there to see it happen.

      That said, it’s also okay for all wonderful good things to come to an end. Yet, we STILL have Lady Bunny and Katya Zamolodchikova shows in the pipeline.

      So please, consider making a pledge to funding Season 2, even if it’s one single dollar. Look at it this way, if you’re right, you’ll get the satisfaction of gloating it over us, and if you’re wrong, you’ll be able to say you believed in us all along.

  2. jimmyV says:

    Loved episode #2228, Candace Cameron Bure was slut shamming Danny Pintauro, she is just as much a one hit wonder as her brother Kurt Cameron. Candice is no Elizabeth Hassabeck she is as bad as her brother Kurt they both fond Jesus in the same bible study group on the Warner Brothers Television lot. Being a child star is hard enough if you don’t find drugs you find Jesus.

    AS far as Cooking with Drag queens it’a a great show and donated last season and would have loved it if you put the series up on Viemo and charged for it I would pay $25.00 for season two. Kick-starter is designed to seed new ideas and companies in the marketplace, there is no shame in using the marketplace and selling your work. Jane Has a point.

    You guys are amazing and the show has so much potential I just wish you would charge for your work. Put a full Pay wall up on Feast of Fun I pay for it.

  3. Steve2011 says:

    I’ve been thinking about donating, but I’m so perturbed that you haven’t released the Lady Bunny episode of CWDQ, that I’ve decided to boycott FOF until it’s released. You’ve been sitting on it for MONTHS! It would’ve been better not to let us know that you taped it. Dangling the proverbial carrot before us for MONTHS is nothing less that than cruel and unusual punishment. NO BUNNY, NO MONEY – huntees!

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