FOF #2255 – Tiger Blood

Nov 20, 2015 · 1985 views

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This week, actor Charlie Sheen revealed that he’s been HIV positive for four years, making folks worry that like Caitlyn Jenner with trans issues, this arrogant celebrity will become the new face of HIV.

Joining us is the hilarious Jeffrey Jay to talk about Charlie Sheen’s breakdown, and the nerve wracking way health workers give you your HIV test results, as if you were a contestant on Who Want’s to Be a Millionaire


  1. Anthon says:

    Re: Caitlin Jenner

    Who says every group gets to nominate their spokesperson? This is especially true of the trans community, which has more than its share of backbiting. While I don’t recall Caitlin asking for the job, I think she’s doing just fine. She’s a name we grew up with and represented the ideal male at peak performance before transitioning. Do you think trans issues would receive the same amount of attention from some random stranger? As for her Republican politics, I cheer. There’s some pretty liberal concepts that is more PC than sensible. Isn’t Chicago a bankrupt and corrupt Democrat stronghold? How’s that working for ya? Hopefully better than the sky high Obama Care. Just because we all don’t think alike doesn’t mean we should be dismissed.

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