FOF #2268 – The Island of Misfit 80s Toys

Dec 17, 2015 · 1985 views

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Let’s take a walk down memory lane of the strange 80s, a time when coked up conservatives ruled every facet of American politics and culture, and our toys were the stuff of nightmares.

Joining us today is the fine ass Sith lord of popular culture and all things girly Robyn Pennacchia who writes about culture news and politics for The Frisky.


  1. Federico says:

    Ciao guys!

    I actually added the English translation for the dirty nursery rhyme in my previous comment.

    In a way I’m happy you didn’t notice because listening to Robyn saying pompini (blow-jobs) and pompinari (the person who blows someone) made my day!

    Anyway, here’s the translation again:

    La Befana comes at night
    like the whores do
    she brings gifts to the little ones
    and gives blow jobs to the big ones

    There’s a Wise Man in the castle
    with a meter-long cock,
    La Befana on top of it
    Screams “thrust it in!”

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