FOF #2288 – Randy Harrison Wants You to Come to the Cabaret

Feb 11, 2016 · 1985 views

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Our modern gay identity can trace many of its roots to the city of Berlin, Germany where the concepts of gay rights, queer culture and solidarity arose during the VIE MAR Weimar Republic until tragically crushed by the rise of the Nazis.

Today, actor Randy Harrison, best known for playing the sexy young twink, Justin Taylor on the Showtime drama Queer as Folk, joins us to talk about starring as the emcee in the new touring production of the musical Cabaret, which takes place during this critical time in Germany’s history.


  1. Danielle says:

    Please do not hate me for saying this…. but I didn’t care for this interview. I feel like while this interview was supposed to be fun I felt like these two goofballs were insulting Randy’s intellect. I felt about half way through Randy kinda shut down and there were these very awkward silences coming from his side of the call as the hosts over powered him. One of the many reasons I find Randy so fascinating is because he is so VERY smart. (It doesn’t hurt either that he has been blessed in the looks department) I love seeing, reading, and hearing him speak. He chooses his words carefully. He is so well read and versed in so many odd and different subjects so much more than the “Justin Taylor” character he portrayed on television. Honestly if he wasn’t an actor he could be a theater or even an english professor. All that said these guys were probably just trying to keep it light and fun.

    • I don’t think he shut down, I thought he had a great time doing the podcast and he said so himself!

      I’m really glad we were able to ask him some unusual questions that made him think. What you might interpret as “awkward” is just him thinking deeply about his answers.

  2. stefan says:

    Danielle we must have been listening to different podcasts. The only thing I can agree with you is that I too did not care for this interview. I never thought that the hosts were insulting Randys intellect. I think it was impossible to do that. He must be quite an actor because I thought he was great on Queer as Folk, but on here he was as interesting as a douche nozzle. He was so dry and dull and I did not think he was smart.

    I was kinda depressed while listening to this because he is the typical actor, had immediate success and then thinks he is going to have it the rest of his life. Much like Eve Plum aka Jan from the Brady Bunch, I really felt that Randy was almost trying to make it seem like he was above the interview, not wanting to talk about queer as folk, but instead of this he wanted to talk about his projects….. oh please I forgot he even existed. Sadly this is true. I do feel bad for Randy because he is essentially a one hit wonder, had great success and tries to duplicate this while trying to convince the world that what he was doing was a higher standard. I admit that I did not see any of Randy’s work. Has anyone? I would guess no, again he is just like doing community theater, really irrelevant.

    Anyway I am sure that things will come around and eventually Randy will try to embrace his past on this and try to get to be back in the public eye, but honestly even on Queer as folk he was mostly forgettable.

    Anyway nice try Marc and Fausto, you did well with this but I think it was kinda like trying to make someone with minimal talent relevant. When I was done with this interview, I honestly thought this was supposed to be released April first as some kind of joke. There was just not much there due to your subject interview .

    Loved all the other shows!

  3. So Nice To See Randy Harrison Took The Time From His Busy Schedule Driving Ubers And Recycling Cans To Do Your Podcast! I Look Forward To Hearing More From This Ancient Artifact Of Y2K’
    !!! Xoxo

  4. stefan says:

    well said ian…. it was almost like Randy who?

  5. You guys are hilarious! I didn’t think Randy was bad at all, it was interesting to catch up with this actor after all these years.

    One thing I didn’t get was the Pee Wee Herman reference, and then I googled it: LOL.

  6. Nathan says:

    I was brought up with the belief that you shouldn’t say anything if you don’t have anything nice to say, and I don’t want to give trolls undue attention, so I’ll just say it is bewildering to see the glee with which members of our community (who haven’t done anything) tear down other members of our community (who go out and do things). It is a wonder that our community has made any progress at all.

  7. I enjoyed the interview, and I didn’t find it awkward on either end. Listening to it again, because we’re on our way to see him on stage tonight in Cabaret.

    Many actors, John Mahoney comes to mind, find stage work more satisfying than television, in spite of the obvious salary differential.

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