FOF #2297 – Rubbing One Out at Work

Feb 24, 2016 · 71209 views

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Chances are you’re probably listening to this podcast at work— so here’s a little trick to keeping your spirits up on the job, if god forbid, your boss won’t let you access the show: instead of taking a coffee or smoke break, try going to the bathroom, and rubbing one out.

Our guest today is writer Nico Lang, who in his latest piece in Ravishly talks about how folks at work are turning to masturbation as a way to relieve work stress.


  1. Alan says:

    I think GaGa is supposed to have a new album coming out this year, the Twitterverse has been calling it LG5. Personally I wouldn’t mind her doing covers a little bit longer. She did a cover of Chic’s “I Want Your Love” for a promo video for the Tom Ford 2016 Spring/Summer line and it was pretty fun to watch.

  2. Nathan says:

    I work from home, so yeah…

    Fausto, chamomile tea is a great substitute for coffee. I can’t even have decaf coffee anymore, and I’ve had to find the best substitute. It’s chamomile tea. Add a little vanilla soy milk, raw sugar, and dark chocolate sauce, and you’ve got yourself a mocha latte.

    Republicans aren’t the only ones who think safe spaces are fucking stupid.

    If Apple wants to prove what great patriots they are, they should start by repatriating the billions in taxes they owe We The People. Don’t kid yourself. The NSA is already using your phone to spy on you. Let’s try to remember after 9/11 how shitless we were, and how we admonished our various government agencies to protect us. They are doing what they think they need to do to avoid misfeasance with the faith of the American people. I’m not defending it, but we got what we asked for.

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