1. Always love shows with Vivacious, she always tells it like it is. Always very refreshing.

    I had been ready to type out an entire argument about Ru Paul’s resentment towards the trans community who gave him such hell, and why vivacious was so right in that we shouldn’t be trying to control people’s language, but at this point I feel like it’s a hopeless cause trying to argue with you guys over it, especially after hearing Marc’s lame excuse over why the word tranny should be banned. I’m surprised Fausto didn’t bring up his tranny twitter excuse for the gajillionth time like he used to in the past, on every show you guys did back when it first happened. I find it rather disappointing that you guys have sided with the trans community who wants to censor and control people’s language. All it has done is divide the LGBT community further, making it more divisive. Yet this point seems to go right over your guys head’s EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. a guest like Vavacious brings up this point. It’s baffling really.

    I read the interview, and then read some of the comments, any trans person who called Ru Paul transphobic was immediately called out on their bullshit. deservedly so. is this really what the LGBT community needs? all this in-fighting? It’s pathetic. I know I may sound transphobic myself, but the point I’m trying to make is that the trans community needs to pick their battles better, or soon enough they aren’t gonna have too many allies.

    • Words are like fashion. One day you’re in, and the next day you’re out. We stop using words for all kinds of reasons, or we forget their original meaning. Hip hip hooray is a chant Germans used when killing Jews in WWII. We forgot it’s horrific meaning. Golliwog was a beloved character in a children’s book, then became a slur word for black folks in the U.K.. Eventually, they just stopped using that word.

      The words “tr@nny” and “she-m@le” didn’t always have a negative connotation. But as you know, theres been so much hard feelings surrounding them recently, that businesses, entertainers and media have chosen not to use them. Even Google search penalizes your site for ad dollars if you have the n-word searchable on it. Facebook will yank your posts down. Language changes over time. Nobody gets to control it, we just all have a lot to say about it.

      Heklina changed the name of Trannyshack to Mother. It didn’t have the connotation when she started it decades ago, but times changed, and so did she. I hope this helps you understand where we are coming from. We want to include people in our conversations, not shun them away.

      If a group of people are asking us not to use a certain word out of respect for others, what’s wrong with listening to what they have to say? There’s little reason to hold onto words that are hurtful to others.

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