FOF #2340 – Tom Goss Goes Viral

Jun 8, 2016 · 66584 views

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Tom Goss has had two very different music videos go viral: the playfully sexy “Bears” and the teen angst filled cover of Dusty Springfield’s “Son of a Preacher Man.” At what point does the viral success of his videos affect his future work?

Today Tom Goss joins us for a live music session to play his viral hits and he gives us a sneak peek of new music from his upcoming album.


  1. TheOneDoc says:

    Hi Fausto you’re thinking about the fight between Muhammad Ali and mixed martial artist and pro wrestler Antonio Inoki back in ’76. Inoki wasn’t trained in Karate.

  2. Nathan says:

    Holy shit! You guys are bad at math!

    I say it with all the love.

    A lot of your episodes are 1 1/2 hours, although a lot of the early episodes that I have gone back and listened to were only about 45 minutes. So, if you divide 2340 episodes by 24 hours in a day, assuming an average of 1 hour per episode, it’s 98 days of Feast of Fools/Fun listening. If you only listened 8 hours / episodes per day, while you work as I do, it would be 293 days of FoF listening. Although, didn’t you start with episode 100, like most TV series do? So, then it would only be 2240 episodes, but still, practically, about a year of listening. The point is that a Feast of Fun Plus membership is a high value, and you’re bad at math.

  3. Marc Felion says:

    About flies on your food-

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