FOF #2357A – Drug Problems

Jul 13, 2016 · 1985 views

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You’ve probably been out and about and started talking to a cute stranger when things began to get weird and you thought to yourself- what kind of drugs are they on?

Today, cosplay queen Fox E. Kim joins us to talk about myths and legends of our current drug culture and weird drugs from 60s everyone’s forgotten about.


  1. roger says:

    Hi Guys!
    Wow there’s a variety of drugs out there!
    OMG Pokemon Go its breaking the culture now, even pornhub says there’s a lot of people searching pokemon videos on their website LOL

    Greetings from Mexico

  2. Ecstacy vs molly. Call it what you will, it’s exactly the same thing. Sometimes you get pure mdma, sometimes you don’t. Just because your ray of light (dealer) calls it molly doesn’t guaranty purity. Cracks me up when people try to convince me I’m wrong. Until it’s legal and regulated you have no idea what you are ingesting. Good thing I’m an optimist, I don’t care. I always have a good time whether it’s pure or not. My ray of light markets it as molly for those under 35 and Ecstacy for those over 35. 😀

  3. Cocaine, Marc touched on this briefly. Coke must be cut, you need a catalyst to change the effect. This is why chewing coca leaves is legal where it is grown. A good analogy is grapes. Grape juice is harmless, ferment it you get wine. Same with coke. Coca leaves are like coffee, add a catalyst, you get cocaine. Not to say coke isn’t further cut to increase profitability. If it smells like talcum powder it’s “pure”. Talc is a catalyst like fermentation is to wine.

  4. Joe says:

    The world drug lord in the 18th century was the Brits–they were the one who had the “trade war” with China.

  5. Nathan says:

    Hash is made from the flower and leaf, basically everything but the bud, of the cannabis plant. It is a resin that is derived from a sifting process that results in a powder-like substance, which is then usually compressed into a solid. I don’t know WTF Marc was talking about.

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