FOF #2364 – The Hot Dog Princess Breaks the Glass Ceiling

Jul 28, 2016 · 1985 views

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The adorable Hot Dog Princess got upgraded to the Hot Dog Queen of Chicago by the Hot Dog King of Chicago. Does this mean she’s now the Hot Dog King’s child bride?

Joining us today is the very funny Carma Nibarger, star of the comedy showcase Mom Genes to talk about how women are handled in the media, why there’s more than corn in Indiana, and why she’s in love with the Netflix original series Stranger Things.


  1. Great show and very fun guest! Enjoy Dolly, she is so cute. Not her best selection of hits but still a good time.
    Stranger Things is very good. Makes you miss those magical movies from the 80s like Close Encounters, E.T, Goonies and has a touch of Super 8 (great movie). It’s very Spielberg.

  2. WarrenSee says:

    Those enemas are quite common for us in Asia. You can easily get them in medical shops or pharmacies. I have used them before. You stick one in your butthole and squeeze out the water. Lie butt-up in bed for 3 to 5 mins and you will get the urge to go to the toilet and let it all go. Usually used for constipation but also useful when you travel and your hotel doesn’t have a butt washer or shower head you can disconnect from the hose.

  3. Nathan says:

    Stranger Things was so fucking good! I know they won’t do a second season, per se, but I hope they do a second series, a la American Horror Story.

    There’s a second season of Expanse coming.

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